The Best Dressed Of The Year

Every year by this time the magazine Hola takes its survey to choose among the readers the most elegant woman of the year. Although they always repeat the same faces, Princess Letizia, Paloma Cuevas or Isabel Preysler, this year there are some curious novelties like Ana Boyer, Laura Vecino or Alejandra Rojas, who do not say that they have no style but has anyone seen more than three photos of her this year?

Therefore, we have decided to do an alternative survey with a more international list, with very different styles and not only measure the elegance on the red carpet but also how they dress on the street or in a short dress. Surely we have left some but we could not put more. Suggestions are welcome.

Diane Kruger : You can be pretty and have the type but fall into the excesses. However, she knows how to dazzle in every situation. The set of boxes with high boots is the best of this year. I never thought that two pattern prints of the same tone could fit so well!

The Best Dressed Of The YearKate Bosworth : Slowly and timidly has been marking her own style: Casual by day, but following trends, and elegant and romantic at night. From time to time it appears a little bit sexier, with scraps or transparencies.

Sienna Miller : Successor Kate Moss? Although he still has a lot of his bohemian style, which sometimes brushes the scruffy, reminiscent of the early model. What is most striking is her transformation on the red carpet: super feminine dresses, even with a childish touch.

Keira Knightley : The actress has a style very similar to that of her friend Sienna. Clothes bought in flea markets or Top Shop, such as the dress of paintings, for the day and dresses of their designers fetishes for the night. Wonderful dress with fringes and rhinestones.

The Best Dressed Of The YearAshley Olsen : This year has seen a major change in Ashley’s style. More sober, smooth colors, less complements and “jewel” shoes that become the protagonists of each look. Awesome red dress!

Vanessa Hudgens : She is very young but this year she has given a lesson in style to other celebrities with more experience. Lover of minid resses, original sandals and romantic dresses. Her mane does the rest.

Leighton Meester : The bad girl of Gossip Girl does not have an entirely defined style but little by little is finding its place. I love the long tricolor dress and how simple it is walking down the street.

Kate Moss : A classic that could not miss. Little can be said about it, it is unique. Take the mini dress like nobody else!

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Rachel Bilson : is one of my favorites for years and rarely disappoints me. Without a well-known stylist, he likes to mix the vintage with trend clothing. At night bet more by the sophisticated look and increasingly sexy.

The Best Dressed Of The YearKatie Holmes : Still looking for her style and her radical changes seem to be influenced by the advice of her friend Victoria Bechkam. Much better day and night, many of his looks throw years on him.

Kate Hudson : Not usually among the best dressed lists but little by little is making a dent. A hippy and comfortable style for the day that contrasts with its looks at night. It is one of the few that looks as good as the short dresses as the long ones.

Blake Lively : her good-girl face and her little guy help make it look good on just about anything. However this year has had a couple of serious skids, like a white shirt with jolts and transparencies. However, these three looks are very successful and how well the scraps remain!

Anne Hathaway : behind her best looks hide their head stylists but how many actresses have one that looks like their worst enemy ?. Anne knows what favors her and exploits her to the fullest. Perfect when you mark the waist, as in the second photo.

Penelope Cruz : Personally I’m bored but has faithful followers. The lady look, smooth colors and a scruffy look for day to day. Are their keys Despite this, for big events, like the Oscars, dress like nobody else.

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Sarah Jessica Parker : Everything she touches makes her a trend and 9 out of 10 times when she rises. I love the dress adjusted with the booties, and that this type of booty is not holy of my devotion. Of course, I love her hair!

Lauren Conrad : Is one of the last to join this type of lists. He is very young but has a cool and fun look that I like. The only one is that it repeats a lot: high waist skirt and steamy empire cut to satiety. And although I can see the hairstyle of the braid I love it.

Charlize Theron: Hold one of the smartest on the list and in my opinion should win the Hello survey. Her modeling measures make her wear long dresses, but with jeans and a white T-shirt she looks just as pretty.

By HieuJa