Some Tips For Choosing A Summer Hat

The summer season is gradually gaining momentum. Sunshine, hot days have come, and it’s time to think about protecting the skin of the face, head, hair and this will help the female summer hat. It is difficult to find a wardrobe of any fashion, in which there would not be this fashionable, stylish accessory. Many representatives of the fair sex mistakenly think that they do not fit a hat. This belief is mistaken, a female summer hat can be chosen for any type of person. Correctly selected summer hat will emphasize the shape of the face, it will be successfully combined with clothing, emphasize the style and will not stand out from the image.Some Tips For Choosing A Summer Hat

The female summer hat will always emphasize the individuality of her mistress and will be a wonderful decoration. A hat can choose a universal model and color or for each image separately. Modern designers and manufacturers offer a huge selection of women’s summer hats, they can differ in color, model, and material of manufacture. Modern summer hats can have a very original finish to have all kinds of ornaments and be of an unusual shape. Choosing a summer hat should take into account the shape of the face, the complexion of the figure. Also, the hat should always correspond to the place, whether it is a party, a celebration or an everyday walk, a visit to the beach. Also to summer headdresses on the row, with hats can include summer berets and Panama, caps, which in the summer season will help us always look individual and stylish.

Here some tips for choosing a summer hat

Hat shaped like a face.

A correctly matched female summer hat is able to revive any image, to give it elegance and individuality. When choosing this accessory, do not be guided by fashion trends. A hat accessory that is selected individually. The main thing is to choose the summer female hat according to the shape of the face.

Representatives of the weaker sex, whose oval face shape, when choosing a hat, should adhere to a single rule: The top of the cap should be slightly wider than the cheekbones. As for this type of face will fit the hats of any models. The color of the hat should be chosen in accordance with the clothes with which it will be worn. The main thing that would be, it was not, a contrasting color, but favorably combined with other colors of clothing.

Women and girls who have a triangular face shape should choose the shape of the hats “bell”, this style of hat provides high tulle and middle fields. The hat for this type of face should not be larger. Wearing the hat is recommended by the stylists, slightly shifting to one side.Some Tips For Choosing A Summer Hat

Inverted triangle. This type of face provides for the shapes of medium-sized hats with wavy margins.

Chubby fair sex, it is worth giving preference to hats with wide margins, a good option will be hats with asymmetric fields that can be decorated with all sorts of flowers. Hats of high styles are desirable.

Those women and girls who have a rectangular type of face, fashion designers advise avoiding the bulk shapes of summer hats and hats with the correct geometric lines, they will visually make their head more. Suitable for this type of face, hats with wide margins and high crown.

For the square shape of the face, the modelers recommend models of hats whose fields have not even bent. Models of hats are not large in volume and small margins are recommended to be avoided.

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Growth and figure.

When starting to choose and fit the summer hat, it is necessary to take into account the composition of the figure. The hat should always match the size of the figure, so as not to look ridiculous. The only rule that should always be remembered, the smaller the growth, the smaller the hat. Fragile, slender women of the fairer sex, suitable medium-sized hats with small margins, and it is necessary, always remember that the width of the fields of the hat, should not be wider than the shoulders. Owners of a large figure, the shapes of hats of a voluminous shape with wide margins are possible.

Some Tips For Choosing A Summer HatMaterial.

Modern manufacturers of women’s summer hats represent a huge number of hats from various kinds of materials. The material can be natural or synthetic. Choosing a summer hat, it is worth giving preference to hats made of natural material, for example, silk, flax, straws, cotton. The manufactured hat made of natural material has a number of advantages: it will save the head and face from direct sunlight, the scalp will “breathe” on a hot day, it will not be hot. Do not worry about the fact that a hat made of natural material will look too simple. Modern hats have very original ornaments and forms, in such a hat you can always look original and individual. Hat, made of synthetic fabrics for the summer season,

Some Tips For Choosing A Summer HatColour.

Modern summer hats are presented in a wide range of colors. When choosing a hat, always remember that the color of the hat should match, the color of the hair and the color of the skin. Owners of light skin should avoid the hats of all pastel shades. Women and girls who have red hair and blondes should choose for themselves a hat of contrasting color so that the color of the hat does not merge with the color of the hair. At brunettes with a choice of color of a summer that there will be no problems, any colors will suit them.

Choosing a summer hat, do not forget to inspect it for quality.

Armed with some tips you can independently choose a summer hat.

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By Madani