What To Wear With Women's Rough Shoes?

In recent years, rough shoes have firmly settled in the wardrobes of girls who are closely monitoring current trends. Such models look stylish, quite practical. They are highly valued for comfort and are able to make even the most unassuming look extraordinary. It is a mistake to think that such shoes are suitable only for teenage girls. Stylish massive shoes for women organically combine laconic design, attractive appearance, reliably protect from the vagaries of the weather, so they like ladies of all ages. And not every one of us is ready to go on heels every day. But before trying on the Timberlands, Martins, it is desirable to understand what is the best way to wear rough shoes to a girl so that the image does not seem too brutal and aggressive.

What To Wear With Women's Rough Shoes?

Fashion rules: with which you can wear coarse women’s shoes to look spectacular?

Anyone who decided to remove the heels on the heels out into the closet, but wants to remain a romantic beauty, should look at the various variations of shoes in men’s style. Since its design was borrowed from the military, at first, only plain products of dark shades were supplied to the market. Today, the most incredible colors can be found on sale: burgundy, beige, mustard, Emperador, including varnished, suede pairs, made of artificial materials, with an interesting decor (with perforations, knitwear, buckles, studs, etc.). They should be worn by girls who

  • prefer comfort, the stability of the ankle;
  • seek mobility;
  • take care of warmth, dry feet;
  • love durable and durable shoes;
  • Wish to emphasize the elegance of the figure.

What To Wear With Women's Rough Shoes?

Of course, models taken from the men’s wardrobe on a tractor base are unlikely to be out of fashion in the near future. Girls both wore them in any season and will continue to do so. Therefore, to choose the classic version in the men’s style is a win-win solution. The most courageous fashionistas, it-girls from season to season, designers will present various “fantasy” models. They blend flawlessly with boho-ship flying dresses, denim and leather trousers.

Not always fashionable boots grunge girls can wear, going to the office, but they are not difficult to change to the usual shoes, reaching the workplace. Taking into account the tendency to mix informal and office styles, course models for girls will look harmonious with jeans and a woolen blazer, dressed over a T-shirt.

What To Wear With Women's Rough Shoes?

What to wear with rough shoes: winning combinations, ideas, photos

Fashion experts are confident that rough shoes will perfectly complement not only look-and trousers but also sets with sundresses, dresses, skirts (including jeans). If the length is above the knee, choose tight tights to match. As the top – longsliv either a blazer- “boyfriend” or leather jacket. The mature female audience recognizes rough military shoes only in a set with jeans, but the youth allows themselves a more relaxed manner. Indeed, high boots with laces or straps look rather organic with a short denim skirt, skinny, shorts, leggings, giving the young fashionable woman femininity, helplessness. In such a dress, a beauty can appear on a fashionable get-together, on a walk, or at a glamorous party, or even at a picnic.

What To Wear With Women's Rough Shoes?

Blue mom jeans

It will be a bow in an informal (casual) manner that can be worn every day. To demonstrate trendy shoes, tuck the legs up to the bag, this is important!


Sets with a jacket, turtleneck, massive shoes are suitable even for a loose office dress code.

Dress, straight silhouette sundress

By adding tight tights to the outfit, we get an outfit for any occasion. In it, you will be comfortable at a meeting with friends, on a date and even at work.

What To Wear With Women's Rough Shoes?

Leather trousers

At first glance, this mix seems too aggressive, so for the balance, we choose the top in a casual style: a snow-white shirt, a bright sweatshirt, and a jeans jacket. A romantic blouse of flowing silk, a soft pullover of a delicate shade or a shirt with frills will make it even more feminine.

Dress in linen style

In the fashion game of contrasts, on which this image is built. A set consisting of a graceful dress (for example, with a floral print) and coarse army boots are usually chosen by feminine young ladies, who possess at the same time boldness and self-sufficiency. An outfit like a party, a club or a walk with friends, not forgetting to throw a metallic, bomb rotten on the shoulders.

Any clothes for girls

Rough shoes are the perfect complement to clothing in bikers, as well as in casual, grunge, military styles, so you can safely wear them with raincoats, leather jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets.

What To Wear With Women's Rough Shoes?

It is desirable to have footwear on a tractor sole in the clothes to each girl, after all, it is the most universal option. It not only gives the legs impeccable comfort, convenience, but equally harmoniously combined with jeans, and T-shirts, and with romantic outfits. Do not worry that choosing such a model, you will not look feminine enough. On the contrary, her deliberately rough design will emphasize the grace of the ankle, will give the figure fragility, grace. And if you have not yet purchased a pair of stylish rough shoes with thick soles, it’s time to do it. The main thing is not to deny yourself the pleasure of experimenting with the image, wearing what you like exactly!

By Madani