5 Rules For Choosing An Elegant Female Jacket

An elegant female jacket is the subject of a wardrobe that must be available to every woman. Why? First of all, because this thing is extremely versatile. One jacket can be freely combined with dozens of summer, autumn, and even winter images. Ragged jeans, bright summer skirts, printed T-shirts, strict trousers – all this and many other clothes perfectly in harmony with the jacket, if, of course, it was correctly selected.

The second important advantage that almost all female jackets have is the ability to visually adjust the figure. They can hide the completeness, create the silhouette of the “hourglass” and profitably emphasize the dignity of the figure. But, again, in order to realize this, it is necessary to approach the choice of a jacket with all responsibility and care.

Here we give 5 rules for choosing an elegant female jacket

 Wide hips – one, wide shoulders – quite another

If the hips are the most prominent part of your figure, then it will be better for you to buy a feminine jacket or the shortest length so that it does not fall below the pelvis or the longest models that cover the part of the buttocks. The average length will look like a figure like yours, not in the best way. Such a female jacket will visually increase the volume of the hips visually, and this effect will be superfluous. As for the style, the owners of wide hips are best-suited models with voluminous top and classic shoulder pads, because they visually make the proportions of the figure more harmonious.5 Rules For Choosing An Elegant Female Jacket

But if your main problem is not wide hips, but broad shoulders, then from all the above options you need to immediately give up. Better look at the models, supplemented by a belt, a strip and a large cutout of an oval shape. Also, a very good choice will be a jacket with patch pockets and any decor located in the hip area. Again, for you, the main thing is to create a proportion, and once the shoulders are too wide, then add the volume you need the bottom part of the figure.

 Elegant Classic for the Hourglass

If you are a happy owner of the perfect silhouette, then, first of all, you need to pay attention to elegant classic models of a female jacket. This is a stitched variation with the mandatory presence of a strict V-shaped cutout. A wide waist, strap or asymmetrical buckle will help you to choose a waist. But the jackets of bright colors, decorated with an abundance of decorative elements – this is the worst choice, from which you must give up even with all the love for colorful decor.

“Hourglass” – this is a classic figure, and the classic, as you know, can only be combined with classics. If you think that such a decision is too strict for you, then dilute the external seriousness can be with the help of shoes, accessories, handbags. Add bright colors to the image using any of its other components, but the jacket should be strictly classical.

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 Disadvantages of the figure mask color

The ideal figure is, of course, good, but what should the ladies who do not want to emphasize virtues, but rather hide their shortcomings? Which female jacket to choose when full, wide waist or square figure? In fact, all these shortcomings are not a sentence for you, and you, too, can enjoy the elegance and excellent look of jackets in your own image. The main thing is that it was made in the right color scheme, and everything else is already secondary.5 Rules For Choosing An Elegant Female Jacket

If you have a magnificent figure, and you want to hide it from others, then the ideal choice for this will be models of jackets of dark shades. Dark colors in combination with asymmetric cut are able to completely hide excess weight. Also in this task, you can help striped patterns of the vertical direction. But the horizontal stripes, large prints, and too tight-fitting models should be avoided.

And how to choose a jacket with the opposite problem in the form of excessive leanness? Everything is also quite simple. For lean girls are more suitable jackets of natural wool. The color here is not very important – the main thing is that the jacket creates a visual volume without folds.

Well, the H-shaped silhouette easily turns into an “hourglass” with the help of light fitted jackets. Beige, pistachio, gray, blue – this is a good choice. Also, the models with a vertical strip look good on square figures.

 Choose the right size

The question of the correct choice of the size and the ratio of the parameters of the figure to the classical dimensional meshes is no less important than the choice of the optimal color of the jacket and style. Of course, any store of elite things makes it possible to try on a thing before buying it, and you can immediately decide on the expediency of acquiring it. But if you buy a woman’s jacket on the Internet, then even if you can refuse to buy it is very important to decide in advance with the size you need. In the end, you do not want to wait for the delivery of the jacket to just abandon it.5 Rules For Choosing An Elegant Female Jacket

Before you look at your jacket, remove three key measures:

  • Breast volume;
  • Waist;
  • Thigh size.

Compare the figures obtained with the dimensioned grid you are interested in, and you will receive the required size in accordance with accepted standards in Russia, the USA, England and Europe.

 Pay attention to the lapels

The last rule that we would like to consider today. It touches lapels. We assure you that this element of the jacket is almost the most important. At least, in its appearance, you can easily determine the class nature of the jacket. If it is high-quality, then the labels in the upper part will be close enough to the sides, while the lower part will remain free. The transition should be smooth and end at a distance of 2-3 centimeters from the top button. If there is no transition, or it covers itself with a button, then the jacket is of a substandard quality, and it is better to refuse its purchase.

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That’s all. Now you know how to choose the right jacket, or at least not make a fatal mistake. It remains only to go to the store and make a successful purchase!

By Madani