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Gain confidence in your style with fashion advice for styling every look in your closet, curated from casino pokies online.

  1. Work your capsule wardrobe

Make sure you have reliable wardrobe staples: an iconic little black dress, a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, a classic blazer, simple T-shirts and button-downs in neutral colors, and an effortless leather jacket (or denim jacket). Investing in a capsule collection of mix-and-match basics (and learning how to style them) is the key to looking put together.

  1. Make sure your clothes fit perfectly

One trick to making any item of clothing look amazing is to hire a good tailor. Tailored clothing not only looks polished, but it also feels more comfortable. Pants that drag on the ground and dresses that bunch up awkwardly won’t make you feel stylish. If your capsule wardrobe fits you well, you can start to play with over- and under-sized items in a way that feels fashionable, not sloppy.

  1. Learn how to balance proportions

Balancing proportions is about styling your outfits to create an overall aesthetic harmony. The way you achieve this is by wearing clothes that are fitted to your body shape. When you want to play with oversized clothes or unusual shapes, make it a fashion moment by keeping the rest of the look fitted. For example, try pairing a tight crop top with wide-leg jeans, or a puff-shoulder top with straight-leg pants, courtesy of real money online casino.

  1. Find your personal style

Developing a signature style can take years, but you can get started by creating a moodboard. Remember that personal style is an experiment; you never know what amazing looks await you until you’re in the dressing room. The categories “menswear” and “womenswear” shouldn’t dictate how you shop. Take time to play with colors and shapes to find what looks great on your unique body.

  1. Blend colours and neutrals

Ever seen a hot pink single-color dress? Unless you’re Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, that suits almost no one. You should want to achieve a balance between colours and neutrals to look chic, sophisticated, and like you really know how to dress. If you have a hot orange top on, for example, pair it with pants or a skirt that is a low-key colour like camel brown, taupe grey, or creamy beige. Bear this in mind when you are shopping online too (shop Thurley online or other brands) as it will help you get timeless pieces you’ll return to, time and time again.

  1. Don’t settle for less

Surveys have shown most people simply collect and unconsciously hoard clothes but come back to the same 5 to 8 outfits for most occasions. Do a clothing purge and detox and keep only the clothes you know make your heart sing.

  1. Know thyself

The old wise maxim applies to clothes too! Make a list of the colours you like and the styles that captivate your interest. Do certain fabrics make you feel more comfortable than others? The purpose for which you are shopping is important too, such as are you buying clothes for work, formal parties or casual outings? Celebrity inspiration is a brilliant starting point, save outfit pictures on Instagram or Pinterest and see how you can recreate those looks for your body type and budget. Don’t be afraid to experiment!