Councils for the Choice of Polo Shirt.

For a long time and firmly took its position in the men’s wardrobe male polo shirt. The appearance of a man’s polo shirt is due to the British, who brought the original model of this shirt from India to England. Many years passed, the polo shirt changed its style many times and looked until it reached our time and found its real style, which we are accustomed to seeing.Councils for the Choice of Polo Shirt.

Initially, the polo shirt was intended for sports and was considered a sportswear. Over time, the polo shirt has settled in almost every man’s wardrobe, so it can be called the base thing. Polo shirt can work wonders with a male figure, it is able to emphasize the masculinity and brutality of its owner, rivet the views of the opposite sex. If before a polo shirt could be seen only on athletes, now it has become very relevant, the polo shirt is perfectly combined with any items of the men’s wardrobe, it can be worn under jeans or under classic trousers, in summer with shorts, etc.

Now a polo shirt will be appropriate not only on the tennis court but also on a city walk or outdoors, at work in the office, as well as a polo shirt is a versatile version of casual wear. Correctly chosen by the shape of a polo shirt can adjust the male figure, emphasize all its advantages and hide the shortcomings. Now modern designers and manufacturers represent a huge selection of men’s polo shirts, these shirts of different models and styles. Polo shirts are made of modern high-quality fabrics, with the addition of synthetic yarns, which allow the shirt to not crumble and do not lose its shape for a long time. Care of polo shirt from modern fabrics does not cause any special trouble; it is easy to wash and does not shed.Councils for the Choice of Polo Shirt.

Just do not forget the natural classic fabrics, which never go out of fashion. The color range of modern men’s polo shirts is quite wide, now you can choose any color you want. In addition to men’s polo shirts, there are also women’s polo shirts, but this will already be a separate article. Now a few general tips for choosing a men’s polo shirt.

Polo shirt on the figure.

With the onset of hot spring days, men need to look elegant and beautiful and for this, a great option will be a men’s polo shirt. It is necessary to choose it correctly, and it will add a figure of masculinity, hide the shortcomings of the figure and focuses attention on all its merits. When choosing a polo shirt it is necessary to try standing at the mirror in full growth, as it is necessary to decide on the shape of the polo shirt, the correctly chosen shape of the figure, will give the brutality and elegance to the male figure.

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The style of the polo shirt.

When choosing a polo shirt, it is necessary to decide on its style, a lot depends on the correctly chosen style. If you want to emphasize and focus the attention of others on the inflated chest and shoulders, it is necessary to choose the styles of polo shirts with narrow collars. On the styles of loose cut polo shirts, it is worth paying attention to men, dense physique, and lean men. A loose cut of a polo shirt of a large man will visually slender and, as it were, “stretch” the figure, and lean men attach a volume to the figure, and visually they will appear not so thin. Wearing a polo shirt and lifting her collar to protect some parts of her neck and look like “cool” is no longer mono. So, in order to look beautiful and worthy of using sunscreen,Councils for the Choice of Polo Shirt.

The length of the polo shirt.

The chosen polo shirt, not only has to sit perfectly on the figure but also be of appropriate length with respect to growth, so as not to look ridiculous.

If the shirt is worn on the outlet, its length should not be much lower than the waistline. If the polo shirt is worn in a dressed version, it is worth making sure that in the dressed form it does not “bubble” on the figure along the waistline.

The size of a polo shirt.

If you like polo shirts you like, you should always pay attention to the size. The size must always match the figure, the polo shirt should not hang or on the contrary tighten the figure. Correctly selected polo shirt should not constrain movements, sit perfectly on the figure, corresponding to the growth to have a length.

The color of the polo shirt.

When choosing the color of a polo shirt, it is necessary to remember about its combination with other items of the men’s wardrobe, with which it will be combined. Choosing a white polo shirt, it will perfectly match with dark pants, shorts or white pants, light or dark jeans. The right color of the polo shirt can adjust the shape.Councils for the Choice of Polo Shirt.

For men of slender, sporting, polo shirts of light tones or all shades of cream, which visually I will give a little to the three-dimensional shape, will suit. On men with large physique will be an excellent option polo dark colors: black, bard, dark gray, etc. a visually dark color will hide the extra pieces of the figure.

Fabric for the polo shirt.

Now there are a lot of modern high-quality fabrics from which men’s polo shirts are sewn, but they usually do not enjoy special demand. In the original, the men’s polo shirt should only be made of natural cotton, without additives.

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Choosing a polo shirt, do not forget to check it for quality, the seams should be carefully processed, the threads should not stick out, and the buttons must be firmly sewn.

Successful and pleasant shopping.

By Madani