Fashionable Manicure In The Wild

What woman does not dream of beautiful and well-groomed hands? The beauty of the hands does not depend on the shape of the fingers or on the size. Most often when meeting in the eye rushes a neat form of nails, cleanliness, and softness of the hands. Not all girls have time to go to the master of the manicure. However, today you can make a beautiful manicure with an interesting design and at home.

So you can independently make interesting stamping, having got for it all necessary. Fashion designers recommend buying a special lacquer. However, before you design, you need to do a manicure.

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Basic stages of manicureFashionable Manicure In The Wild

  1. Preparation. Before manicure, wash your hands well, make a bath of warm water and a drop of essential oil that you like. This process helps to steam hands and relax – essential oils are often used in cosmetology for the sake of the soothing effect and just a pleasant smell. After that, wipe dry your skin, remove the varnish (if available), and with a cotton swab, apply a greasy hand cream or olive oil on the skin around the nail. In the absence of use petroleum jelly. By the way, this trick is used when painting hair at home, which makes it easy to remove excess paint or varnish from the skin.
  2. Cuticle removal. The obligatory moment is the removal of the cuticle. It is cut with special scissors slightly less than 1 mm, depending on the type and shape of the nails. Be careful if you exceed the allowable rate, then there will be injuries that are difficult to cure. If you are the owner of miniature hands with small marigolds – just push the cuticle all the way to the stop, this will be enough, which is easy to do on steamed hands.
  3. Shaping the nail. In this season, short or medium-length nails in the shape of an oval or almond are relevant. Saw the marigold. For an aesthetic look, make sure they are the same size. Do not overdo it at the corners – cut the nail more than required and do not spoil the shape easily enough even to a professional! If you have an uneven surface of nails – grind it with a special soft nail file. Categorically it is not recommended to make a normal nail file, so as not to cause physical damage.
  1. Application of the base. To lacquer lay down exactly, before applying it, use a base in 1 or 2 layers. You can buy it at any pharmacy or cosmetic store. Choose a base, which includes a complex of vitamins – for brittle and layered nails are the best solution. On the varnish, apply a fixer – it will help to remain varnish on your nails for a long time.
  2. Design. It’s time to decorate your marigolds. You can limit yourself to varnish. Or you can put drawings in a technique that is convenient for you.

Learn to care for the hands at home are not difficult. It is important to give the process 15 minutes a day, and your hands will not only delight but also make you think that you regularly go to an expensive salon. After a working day’s work, make a bath with a small amount of sea salt or a couple of drops of iodine. After it, dry with a towel and apply a nourishing cream. After two weeks of care, you will notice the softness of the skin and the strength of the nails.

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By Madani