How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes

Broad shoulders are not at all an obvious disadvantage, which is worth being embarrassed. This trait speaks of physical strength, which in combination with narrow hips emphasizes excellent fitness. Such proportions are usually found in professional athletes involved in swimming, volleyball, and weightlifting. But if in the gym you can, without hiding, be proud and don’t hide broad shoulders, then in a romantic setting even athletic girls want to look more feminine.

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes

What shoulders are considered broad?

It is important not just to measure the shoulder girdle, but to relate it to the size of the hips. If the two figures are approximately equal (plus or minus a couple of centimeters), then you do not need any artificial corrections about this.

If the volume of the hips significantly inferior to the reach of the shoulders, the figure visually resembles an inverted triangle. The problem is also relevant for slender girls with small breasts. Such imbalances can be hidden in a variety of ways. If a girl wants to bring the parameters of her body to harmony, the advice of stylists will help to do this with the help of well-chosen clothes.

Sleeve shape

What styles of sleeves help hide broad shoulders? First of all, it is a narrow long sleeve, extending downwards: like a “bell”. Among the priority cut – loose sleeves “raglan”, “bat”, “kimono”, which will make the silhouette softer and more elegant. The neutral option is a regular straight sleeve.

Volumetric lanterns, wings, styles, “sheep leg”, frills should be avoided. Visually, they will create additional volume. Topless and closed-neck tops are also undesirable: they draw excessive attention to this part of the body.

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes


This important detail in clothes that can positively change the perception of the silhouette. Visually hide the broad shoulders will help U-shaped and a V-shaped neckline. If the neck of the garment is made in the shape of a boat and a square, it only expands its upper part. Remember that the narrower the neckline of your dress or blouse is, the more it will narrow your shoulders. Do not forget about the neckline: it is a win-win way to divert attention from any shortcoming, including hiding big shoulders.

In the summer, look at the blouses and dresses with a loop around the neck. They will break the line of shoulders and make them visually smaller. On vacation, this summer outfit can successfully replace sundresses with thin straps. Popular today models with carved shoulders are invented as if specifically at the request of broad-shouldered beauties.

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes

Items of clothing that are categorically inappropriate

If you want to hide broad shoulders, do not wear:

  • Clothes with shoulder pads or overlays, all kinds of decoration in the shoulder area: shoulder straps, epaulets, textile roses, appliques, bead jewelry. Wearing clothes with similar bright details, you will not hide the outstanding shoulders, but only attract unnecessary attention to them.
  • Tops, dresses, and blouses with a large pattern or embroidery, massive patch pockets in the chest area should also be removed from your wardrobe. Ruffles, flounces, assemblies create an artificial volume that visually expands the dimensions of the figure.
  • Shirts with wide turn-down collars.
  • Tops and sundresses on thin straps.
  • Jackets and boleros that end just below the chest. A shorter top enhances the effect of an inverted triangle.
  • Top of the fabric in a large horizontal strip.
  • Blouses and dresses style “peasant”, gathered on the elastic band.
  • Top grotesque cut with enlarged shoulders.
  • Free-form clothing of the type “hoodie”: it can make the silhouette square.

Ideal styles for broad-shouldered girls: photos

Having rather large shoulders and a desire to hide them, your task is to create an elongated silhouette in clothes. This can be done with the help of long cardigans, jackets, tops, shirts, coats, raincoats, etc. When choosing pants, give preference to models with a low waist. In your case, low fit trousers, decorated with a wide belt, will be most successful.

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes

High waist for things, on the contrary, negatively affects the perception of this type of figure. This does not mean that you cannot wear fitted clothes, just choose the styles where the waist is not too high.

The best way to hide a large top is to create a volume from below. This is easily achieved with the help of such styles of skirts as a tulip, sun, corrugation, tutu skirt, etc. The dress with a full skirt, long-sleeved dress with a long skirt will make your look.

Hide wide shoulders will help wide pants – the trend of the season. Fashion couturiers made a priceless gift to the broad-shouldered girls, presenting an incredible abundance of such models in the latest collections. The choice is truly huge:

  • palazzo,
  • sail pants,
  • Oriental trousers,
  • Afghani,
  • flared
  • Pajama style.

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes

If you want to emphasize slender legs, a translucent cardigan or kimono to mid-thigh with narrowed trousers will be a good set.

Another valuable advice when choosing clothes that hide broad shoulders is to make a bright focus on the bottom. These can be complex folds or a beautiful hem on the skirt hem. Here everything that had to be avoided in the decoration of the top is appropriate: frills, bright embroideries, and ornaments, lace and braid. In order not to overload the image, the top should be different with a simple cut. A classic blouse or a single-colored jumper is the best fit.

Owners of this type of figure intuitively realize that tight clothing, for example, a turtleneck, rather strongly emphasizes shoulder width. This does not mean that it is necessary to completely abandon tight things.

In such cases, to visually hide the broad shoulders, you can resort to using multi-layered clothing. The easiest and most reliable option is to use a vest. It can be of any length, but not too short. Looks good, for example, white turtleneck with a vest-sleeveless jacket of dark color worn over it.

Some more tricks

  • Visually hide the pawliness will help:
  • Dark inserts on the shoulders.
  • Triangular contrast inset on the chest directed upwards with a sharp angle.
  • Asymmetric clothing: opening one shoulder.
  • Top, who’s left and right sides differ in color.
  • Trousers with stripes.

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes

Color solution

When making up an ensemble of clothes, it is recommended to combine a dark top with a light bottom. This contrast will hide broad shoulders due to the color accent on the bottom. For example, a dark blouse paired with a light or red skirt. In addition to light colors, fabrics with fashionable prints are suitable for the bottom.

How to hide broad shoulders on the beach

And what if the clothes at your disposal are only one swimsuit? The answer is simple – to choose the right model of a bathing suit. Give preference to swimsuits with one shoulder strap around your neck instead of models with two straps. Its nuances exist for the bottom of a swimsuit. With a slim figure, he may well be separate. Balancing the silhouette will help a bikini with a skirt or a colorful pareo tied around the hips.

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes

Accessories matter

Not everyone correctly assesses the importance of accessories in the formation of a harmonious silhouette. If you want to visually hide broad shoulders, choose thin elongated scarves, ties or long strands of beads. Using this technique, you visually stretch the top of your figure, which balances its horizontal imbalances.

In addition to accessories, the same effect will help to achieve:

  • a vertical row of buttons or zipper in the middle of the body;
  • bright volumetric earrings;
  • silk scarf with long ends;
  • Scarf-Lens successfully hides protruding shoulders, skinny girls.

How To Hide Broad Shoulders With Clothes

In conclusion, it should be said that it is not necessary to apply all the tips at once. One successful reception is enough. To find the most suitable option for you, experiment with your wardrobe. Going to the store for a new thing, keep in mind a memo, what kind of clothing helps to hide broad shoulders.

To be attractive, it is not enough to level their disadvantages. The most important is to make a good emphasis on the merits. Emphasize the beauty of your swan neck, focus on the slimness of the legs, aspen waist, expressive eyes … Each girl probably has that highlight that will make you forget about the broad shoulders, and perhaps turn them into an interesting feature.

By Madani