The phrase New Media refers collectively to mass communication techniques through the use of digital technology. This includes but is by no means limited to use of the internet, including social media use, and tailored websites to market or communicate with wider audiences. Other types of New Media include the use of CDs, video streaming, and mobile apps. In the twenty-first century, with our growing use and reliance on technology, any industry would do well to be fully acquainted with new media as an advertising method. But just how much is the fashion industry taking advantage of this opportunity?

Is the Fashion Industry Fully Exploiting New Media

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Bloggers and Vloggers

It is estimated that every 0.25 of a second, a fashion blog or vlog is launched somewhere in the world. These beauty and fashion bloggers and vloggers are a great way to interact with fans of design, and indeed reach a new audience that companies may not previously have had access to without the use of an established online presence.


Online shopping is more popular than ever. Rather than making the journey to the shop, customers can save time and money by having a look online to see what takes their fancy. It is therefore crucial for fashion sites to look appealing to their customer base.

Websites such as have invested huge amounts of time and effort in making their website both minimalist and chic, so as to draw customers to their range of clothes, including suits, watches, and both men’s and women’s designer jeans.

Use of Social Media

Nowadays, the use of social media is commonplace for most people. Indeed, a recent report  estimated that by 2017, approximately 2.55 billion people will own at least one type of social media account. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or one of the various other accounts available, an estimated 1 in 4 of us have an account and can therefore be reached by the medium of social media.

Several brands and companies have already taken advantage of the widespread use of social media. Burberry’s controversial announcement that Brooklyn Beckham was their newest photographer for their latest fragrance ad-campaign was thought to be more down to Beckham’s large Instagram presence of 5.9 million followers, as opposed to the 16 year old’s family reputation or talent.