Office Style for the Women

Stylish clothing for the office, which corresponds to fashion and dress code – a myth or reality? Today, we forever debunk the stereotype that the office style wardrobe is necessarily a boring outfit in gray tones. Corporate rules regarding the appearance over the past ten years have become less stringent. This allowed women to wear classic trouser suits, and free-style dresses, denim shirts, bright blouses. If you work in a company where there is no clearly defined dress code, listen to our tips for creating a spectacular office style.Office Style for the Women

We make an office style bow in the light of fashion trends

You will be surprised, but the dress code is not a reason to wear old-fashioned things. In the new collections of designers, you can always get ideas on how to dress in an office. In addition, according to the orders of models on the podium, it’s easy to find out what color is in the trend. In 2018, there are plenty to choose from.

  • The pink palette is pale lavender, powdery.
  • Khaki – sand, beige, brown.
  • Red – from bright scarlet to deep ruby.
  • Blue range – from light to saturated shades.

Office Style for the WomenAt the shows, you can also draw inspiration for making a chic office bow. Fashion houses have regained the popularity of traditional office kits, somewhat changing the color scheme and style of clothing. Along with classical business costumes, couturiers are offered to wear masculine cuts, elegant dresses, pencil skirts, silk blouses with prints.

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Outfit for office style for the woman

Skirts and midi dresses. The length of the outfits just below the knees is an excellent option for spring or summer. When the window is too hot to wear pants, choose a freestyle skirt. From materials, give preference to lightweight, airy fabrics that provide comfort throughout the working day. The advantage of feminine outfits lies in the universality.

Skirt-midi – it’s like an empty canvas, allowing you to draw an infinite number of stylish images. If the office has an informal atmosphere, play with color and pattern. For example, the combination of a pale pink skirt and a white shirt with a blue stripes looks cute. In the strict dress code will fit the traditional outfit: a gray or black skirt + shirt of discreet shades.Office Style for the Women

White outfits. A fresh, clean, white-shining office bow is perfect for hot weather. Experiment with textures and silhouettes, dress in all white or use color accents. Any of your ideas will look attractive and beneficial if you choose the right outfit and accessories. Snow-white tunic dress harmoniously and effectively looks with a belt of a trendy shade: bright yellow or camel. An interesting classic bow will help create a set of white skirts, tops, and black blazers.Office Style for the Women

Jeans and jackets. Not all companies are meticulous about the appearance of employees. Sometimes elegant casual clothes are allowed. Stylish outfits in casual style are a good choice for women who appreciate the comfort and exquisite simplicity. Combine your favorite black skinners with a blue blouse in a small vertical strip and a black blazer if you prefer the classic. Alternatively, try another option: blue tight jeans, white top laconic design, lavender or green jacket.Office Style for the Women

Youth office clothes. It is important for girls to remain spontaneous and to emphasize youth, so the style of a mature secretary should be discarded. Choose short dresses (but stay within the permitted limits) and beautiful ornaments. If the boss is against such liberties, call for help the female cunning. For example, put on a slightly flippant chiffon blouse with flowers under a trouser suit. Instead of a strict classical cut, choose the modern version: shortened cigar trousers and a jacket with a three-quarter sleeve.Office Style for the Women

Trouser suits. A set of trousers, jacket, and waistcoat is, perhaps, the most traditional version of office clothing. Models of neutral shades will appeal to the soul of a businesswoman with conservative views on the choice of wardrobe. In the heat, you can take off your jacket and stay in your waistcoat, trousers, and shirt. The color palette allows you to escape from excessive severity. Fortunately, designers with variety did not disappoint: in the trend of burgundy, emerald, pink suits.

Suitable shoes for the office

Finding the perfect office style shoes is a difficult task to deal with when designing a wardrobe for work. From a huge range of models, you need to find a balance of convenience, practicality, and attractiveness.

  • Shoes on the platform are comfortable but do not always fit into the intended image.
  • High-heeled sandals look incredibly feminine, but they are not the most desirable options in the business dress code.
  • Shiny gold shoe – chic, somewhat extravagant, provocative, so the office is often banned.

Office Style for the WomenWhat to wear to work, if there are continuous restrictions? There are still a lot of options.

  • Women’s oxfords, losers, and Derby are a great option for the office. Despite the rough appearance, they are fashionable, comfortable, well suited to business outfits.
  • Bouillons and boots are the best choices for autumn and early spring. Elegant shoes do not cause discomfort and fatigue.
  • Classic boats are something that will never go out of fashion. They can be worn under pants and skirts, dresses, jeans – just everything.
  • Light, breathable models seem to have been created for the summer. They are not as versatile as shoes, but creating harmonious office outfits will help.

In addition to style, pay attention to materials. Preference should be given to the skin, suede.

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Important little things

Some firms still strictly adhere to the observance of etiquette – clarify the questions about tights. From jewelry and accessories, stop at expensive jewelry or jewelry made of precious materials. Modest gold or silver earrings, elegant watches, and a thin bracelet will emphasize the individuality.

By Madani