Preppy Style Clothing For Women

Among the variety of modern bold trends, a special place in the world of fashion is occupied by preppy style clothing. Originating in America in the second half of the 40s of the 20th century, the elegant, comfortable and discreet style became classics and for several decades remains in the top. The term is derived from “preparatory” (English), which translates as “preparatory” because it is based on uniforms of golden youth: students of prestigious American colleges, applicants of reputable educational institutions, future intellectual elite. These people were united by a focus on success, education, and upbringing.

Preppy Style Clothing For Women

Today, preppy style clothing is a sample of neatness and sophisticated taste. Preppy-style items must meet certain criteria. They are characterized by:

  • laconic clear cut;
  • high-quality materials;
  • practicality;
  • in many cases, there are no signs indicating the gender of the wearer — unisex models (high-waisted trousers, sweaters, knitted blazers, loafers);
  • rejection of “screaming”, bright colors, intrusive decor.

For sewing an authentic female costume in this style, first-class (more often dense) fabrics are used: tweed, cotton, cashmere, wool, viscose, boucle, corduroy, which include natural fibers. From thin create dresses, shirts, skirts, vests with a characteristic V-neck. Any of the things preppy balances on the verge of femininity and absolute rigor.

Preppy Style Clothing For Women

Deprived of dull conservatism and snobbery, he organically combines casual and office-business direction. Preppy is cardigans, pleated skirts, jackets made from high-quality materials of a dark color palette (blue, sand, burgundy, khaki, platinum-gray), perfectly white Oxford shirts. By the way, chevrons, emblems, stripes, monograms are its typical details.

Preppy style clothing: a bold mix of simplicity, elegance, aristocracy

Preppy-style in clothes is a win-win for all who are indifferent to the classics in its standard version. It is suitable for creative girls who prefer to mix traditional wardrobe elements, adapting them to modern realities. And although initially it was perceived only as a youth uniform, today, to preserve the main trends and create a neat image of a student in a closed school will not be difficult for a representative of any age category.

Preppy Style Clothing For Women

Another characteristic feature is the absence of prints on the fabric. The originality of the material gives the ornament, which is formed during the production of the canvas. For example, an unbreakable tweed is known for the richest variety of options: from traditional fabric interspersed with colored nodules of melange texture to “herringbone”, “shepherd’s cell”, “goose foot”, which is obtained by twill (diagonal) weave of woolen threads.

Preppy-wardrobe: photos and features

Despite the fact that look-and for women look quite simple and strict, today they are always in demand for various outlets. A discreet ensemble is appropriate in the office. He can be put on a friendly meeting, a romantic date or a walk around the city. The laconic clear cut allows you to highlight the silhouette, emphasizing the sexuality of the owner, and calm natural shades emphasize the bow in general. In order to easily make sets for any situation, it is desirable to replenish your wardrobe not only with textiles, but also to purchase suitable shoes: brogues, moccasins, loafers, oxfords, as well as spectacular accessories.

Preppy Style Clothing For Women

The main colors of the style of beauty experts include khaki, beige, red, yellow, white, sand, blue, gray. Forming such a wardrobe, you cannot do without a few basic models.

An elegant club blazer completes with a massive lapel label with patch pockets and contrast lining. The jacket cut for girls favorably emphasizes the figure but does not show it off. This is due to the preference that modern women give to fitted silhouettes, avoiding oversized models. Single-breasted jackets, complemented by shirts and blouses, perfectly highlight the waist. For those who are not afraid to “get lost” in baggy styles, designers advise selecting clothes from the men’s collection, not forgetting that minimalism and elegance are the basis of a stylish bow.

Skirt and pullover with rhombus or check. The tartan and checkered/rhombic print sweaters are the most recognizable and characteristic things in this area. Pullover blends in well with classic skinny pants with a high waist, chinos and white skinny denim trousers. Try to complement the knitwear with a velvet skirt with a straight silhouette – this tandem looks very stylish and will be a great solution for a business image.

White blouse. Depending on your own preferences, this may not only be a strict classical cotton shirt, but also a more romantic model of translucent material with a flirty bow tied in the manner of a tie. Whatever you choose, a neutral or more elegant option, its convenience will appeal to connoisseurs of intellectual manners to dress.

Pants. The most obvious choice is chinos, but in the coming season, designers replace them with classic skinny pants or deliberately wide trousers of any shades of gray at the high waist.

Gaiters. Young preppy-style fans can afford a little flirtatious accent – gaiters a la Lolita.

Accessories. Traditionally, stylists recommend good-quality leather backpacks for this direction, roomy bags (satchel or messenger) bags. Particular attention is paid to the choice of a purse, a scarf, watches, gloves, not forgetting that not only things but also accessories should be concise, status, without too much decoration. Only elegant classics.

In the coming years, stylists are convinced; this style will not lose popularity. The reason for the general trend is that independent and courageous residents of big cities choose convenient things. Clothing preppy fully meets this criterion. If you have not worn preppy models before, be sure to pick up a few things: the image will only benefit from this. Tidiness, freedom, and comfort will be additional bonuses. Clothes of this style can be found in the collections of reputable brands: Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Max Mara, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste. Among famous people, there are many adherents of preppy. These are Robert Pattinson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Johnny Depp, Kate Middleton, Justin Timberlake, Olivia Palermo.

By Madani