A Few Tips For Choosing A Woman's Skirt

For many centuries and up to our time, a woman’s skirt was considered a symbol of femininity. At times, the skirt changed, meeting the requirements of fashion corresponding to its time. The skirts in the women’s wardrobe are very different, they are of different lengths and styles of all kinds of colors and from a variety of fabrics. A woman’s skirt is universal, it can always look good in any case, be it a party, a celebration or an everyday life.

A Few Tips For Choosing A Woman's Skirt

Light skirts, blouses, shirts, women’s light jackets and jackets are suitable for a skirt. With the color of the skirt, you can easily combine any colors of the top. With the help of a correctly selected skirt, which is suitable for the type of figure and the right style, you can correct the shortcomings of the figure, and vice versa, focus on its merits. The information below will help to choose the right woman’s skirt, which will attract the attention of the stronger sex.

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Growth always plays an important role in the choice of not only the skirt but also any clothing. Selected thing is not for growth, can easily spoil the created image and style. Correctly selected length of a woman’s skirt can visually extend the legs and give the figure some kind of lightness and harmony.

Representatives of the fair sex of the growth of 150 cm, 165 cm, slender fit: Closely fitting figure shapes, the length of the knee or just above the knee. They should abandon long skirts (midi), as well as lush and broad, the skirts of such styles will visually reduce the already not high growth.

Women of high height from 170 cm and above, short skirts (mini) or knee-high fit, skirts with a horizontal geometric pattern are suitable, and such skirts fit well with various accessories (different belts, chains, etc.) They are not recommended long skirts (midi) and skirts below the knee, they will visually stretch the growth.

A Few Tips For Choosing A Woman's Skirt


Stylists in this direction adhere to 3 basic types of figures for choosing a woman’s skirt:

  1. Slender figure
  2. The complete figure
  3. Thin figure

Slender figure – representative of the weaker sex of average height with a proportionally folded figure. They fit tight skirts or flared skirts. Such skirts should be worn with shoes on high heels and emphasizing all the dignity of the top (tops, T-shirts, etc.). Such a skirt will visually add a few centimeters to slender legs.

It is worth to abandon skirts long to mid-calves and long (midi), this length visually divides the figure and looks smaller than it actually is.

A Few Tips For Choosing A Woman's Skirt

A full figure for women who have this type of figure, skirts of tight fabrics, sewn on a figure, will suitably emphasize the attractive roundness of the figure. Length knee-deep. The top is recommended adjacent blouses and blouses.

Holders of the full figure should abandon the wide, loose-hooded styles, they will visually add pounds and make the figure even wider.

A thin figure to representatives of such a figure offers a wider choice of styles and length of skirts. They fit mini skirts, short, flared, just fit styles that add volume to the hips. Skirts with flounces, ruffles, and folds will be appropriate. Top recommended tightened blouses, shirts, women’s jackets, light jackets.

It is better to abandon skirts having an average length.

A woman’s skirt is like a figure.

In order to correctly choose a skirt, you need to decide on the type of figure. There are basic types of figures:

  • Pear-Shaped
  • Apple
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Hourglass

For a pear-shaped figure, a classic pencil skirt is perfect, and the top should be magnificent, blouses with flounces, lace and a fluffy sleeve flashlight are preferable. Thus, it will be possible to balance the figure. Suits A-silhouette skirts.

Woman's Skirt

The shape of an apple is recommended for curvy skirt styles, skirt-tulip, etc. To hide the flaws of the figure that is on the hips and abdomen.

The inverted triangle can be adjusted by flared to the bottom styles. It is necessary to visually increase the bottom and reduce the top.

The hourglass does not require special selection, such a shape will suit any style. The main thing to carefully choose the top, shoes, and accessories, that would be the whole image was harmonious.

With a few tips and having spent a bit of your time, you can easily select a suitable woman’s skirt.

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By Madani