What To Wear Female Espadrilles In The Summer?

Espadrilles are shoes of Spanish origin. Once they were used by poor peasants, weaving a sole of a special kind of dried grass and sewing pieces of flax and canvas to it. Over time, these light, breathable summer shoes on a flat sole, which sprung and easily took the form of the foot, attracted the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent. The couturier provided women’s espadrilles with platforms and tankettes, decorated them with pretty ribbons that fastened ankle-length, instilling a love for simple high-end ladies shoes from high society and ordinary girls.

It is not surprising that with so many advantages and variety of models, many fashionable women consider it their duty to get a pair of relevant and comfortable shoes on the eve of the warm season. It remains to decide with what and how to wear women’s espadrilles in the summer of 2019.


Initially, espadrilles were sewn from flax, durable canvas, and a rope sole was used as the base. Today, based on the classical model, dozens of varieties are developed. You can distinguish them by several basic parameters:

  • style;
  • manufacturing material;
  • type of decoration and decor.

Espadrille styles

Popular styles of summer shoes: flat shoes, wedges, platform, small heels. What to wear espadrilles on a flat run? They are perfectly combined with any types of summer and light casual wear, with the exception of office suits and outfits. The same can be said about shoes with heels or wedges. Such models are slim, add growth, give grace to the ankles. Espadrilles on a flat sole is an ideal option for long walks, and those to whom such shoes are contraindicated will be helped by an ordinary orthopedic insole. Examples of different styles of popular shoes – in the photo below.

Current materials

The sole of women’s espadrilles is made of a rope base, sheathed with jute. Sometimes, as an alternative, manufacturers use rubber or rubber. Top summer shoes sew from natural materials: canvas, durable flax, denim, tapestry, at least – from genuine leather, suede, lace fabric. Breathable materials are ideal for hot summer weather, the beach, city streets, and any informal situations.

It is customary to combine leather shoes with leather jackets, jackets, skirts or shorts, canvas, and woven shoes ideally combined with similar clothing, but this is not a mandatory rule, and many bold experiments with espadrilles are very successful.


What can you wear with non-traditional monochrome light-colored espadrilles and models decorated with the special decor (prints, lace, sequins)? As a rule, they are easy to fit into any casual image, close to the classics, and then it is the shoes that become the main focus of the whole image.

For example, jeans and a white shirt are a great company for red espadrilles, lace shoes with jute soles or elegant sandals with an open toe, decorated with shiny rhinestones and ankle ribbons. The last option is suitable for summer dresses, open sundresses, light skirts on the floor or linen overalls. Stylists are advised to choose shoes with sequins or rhinestones to match the basic fabric, then they will not be as catchy and even elegant as in the photo.

What To Wear Female Espadrilles In The Summer?

Trendy with Espadrilles

What to wear with espadrilles in summer if you are committed to a particular style and your wardrobe is already fully equipped with classic and everyday items of clothing? Consider several current trends and images where summer espadrilles will look the most organic.

Sea style

Maritime style keeps on the tops of fashion ratings for several years. In the hot season, linen, cotton fabrics, cool blue of all shades and cute vests are most relevant. Sailable canvas with blue stripes in beige, milky or white will perfectly fit into this look. They look great with light and dark free-cut pants, knitwear and viscose dresses, T-shirts and blazers.

Casual style

This style is so loyal to all types of clothing, starting from dresses and ending with torn jeans, that it easily accepts espadrilles of any style. A leather jacket, a T-shirt, skinny jeans or boyfriends, a knitted dress, a colorful sundress with a floral print and light canvas espadrilles will make a harmonious union. Heeled sandals and models on the platform are well combined with loose trousers, chinos, skirts and dresses of any length.

Boho, Country, Safari, Ethnic styles

Ethnic and beach outfits from a combination with espadrilles instead of the usual ballet shoes and sandals will benefit. Long motley and lace skirts, colorful dresses, vests, and T-shirts with embroidery look great with shoes on a flat course. The espadrilles themselves can also be decorated with embroidery, beads, and colored ribbons. The safari style does not need decor, summer canvas and linen shorts with T-shirts will perfectly get along with plain natural shoes with jute sole.

The espadrilles should be worn on the beach at a low speed, and if it’s about a beach party at a bar on the seashore, a bright summer dress, a sundress or a jumpsuit with shorts in a tandem with shoes on the platform or wedge on elegant ties will do.

Combinations with different materials and wardrobe items

As already mentioned, women’s espadrilles cannot be combined with a strict office dress code and outfits: elegant dresses to the floor, cocktail dresses. In such shoes, it is not customary to go to official events, business meetings, to the theater or to the banquet. Also, espadrilles are not worn with socks and pantyhose: thanks to natural materials, they allow the skin to breathe, providing natural ventilation.

Ideal images, in the opinion of stylists, are espadrilles with clothing made from flax, cotton, denim, chiffon, viscose and other summer fabrics. On a cool evening, wrap a jacket or leather jacket, a cozy sweatshirt or cardigan. Skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, overalls, and sundresses of any length, style, and color, except for official models, ball gowns and straight classic trousers, are suitable for shoes on low and high speed. For evening walks around the city, romantic meetings, parties with friends, a visit to a restaurant without a strict dress code or a night club, gentle and elegant, but comfortable and lightweight shoes with ties, ribbons, embroidered with rhinestones or beads to match will suit. Our photo collection of fashionable images with espadrilles will inspire you to experiment and bring new ideas. Good luck!

By Madani