What To Wear Boots In Winter?

Fashion-following women fall into two categories. The first are those who acquired boots in advance and are waiting for the onset of cold weather in order to demonstrate the new thing in all its glory. The second – just looking at different models, wondering under what they are best to wear. Regardless of whom you are, our review will help you to find out what stylists are advised to wear boots. Remember the main thing: according to the impression that beautiful high boots make on others, no women’s shoes can compete with them. So feel free to hit the road without being embarrassed by the evaluating glances of passersby.

Wear boots at the height of style

Treads called boots with tops, which cover the knees. They can have cuffs or rise to mid-thigh. Today, these shoes from the men’s wardrobe completely migrated to the women’s shoes and feel very comfortable there. Variations of boots-jackboots abound leather and suede, heels and platform, winter and summer. Each model has its own nuances in choosing what kind of clothing to wear it.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

At the end of the 20th century, boots from provocative shoes turned into everyday ones. The attendant outfits accompanying them were strongly pressed by calmer clothes. Stylists began to play with the color palette, the shape of the heel and sock, decorate the tops of the rivets, buckles, belts, lacing, fringe, fur, etc.

Gradually the jackboot won the status of universal shoes for women of any position and age. Undoubtedly, they do not leave men’s hearts indifferent. Whether your image is outrageous or elegant depends on what kind of clothes will complement the overall set.

Given the ambiguous reputation, high boots capricious in combination with other items of clothing. What to wear boots to avoid comparison with the “crazy empress”? Consider the most win-win options.

Treads and dress

Expressive ensemble such boots will make it with a dress, of course, if it is chosen correctly. The most harmonious image with models of free fit, although there are interesting exceptions. For example, boots that go under a classic sheath dress look quite democratically and impressively. A rounded toe and narrow tops will add to your elegance.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

If the mistress of the boots wants to become an icon of style, she needs to follow a few golden rules:

  1. The gap between the floors of the clothes and the upper edge of the boots should not exceed 10-15 cm. Shorter options for putting on are risky, as this may be misinterpreted. If you do decide on such a step, choose a closed low-key model.
  2. Pantyhose or stockings pick the color of the boots. It is better if they are dense, without a pattern and mesh.
  3. Avoid outright tight dresses, open back, and a low-cut top.
  4. Since the jackboot accents attention, do not make the impression heavier with extravagant clothes, massive ornaments, or acid flowers.
  5. For a business dress code optimal midi skirt, barely covering the top of the boots. In winter it will be appropriate to woolen dress with long sleeves, presented in the photo.

Skirt Ensemble

In combination with a skirt, the same principles are relevant as with a dress. The mini-skirt looks somewhat ambiguous, especially if it is sewn of leather and wraps around the hips, and maxi makes the silhouette bulky. In addition, the combination with a long skirt optically shortens the legs. Choose something intermediate.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

Those who want to seem more graceful should look at models with a high fit: complete with boots, they are visually slim. A very attractive ensemble with a large-knit sweater, from under which a chiffon skirt looks playfully.

Treads in combination with jeans

The only relevant model for such boots is skinny. The correct colors are gray, dark blue, black, but not blue or bright blue. Fans of jeans can find their image in the photo.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

An elongated tunic, a turtleneck with a sweater or cardigan below the hip line is suitable as a top for a denim ensemble. For those who do not like layering clothes, we recommend buying a skinny with a high waist. If you choose a coat-overcoat as the outerwear, then such an image will fit into the sought-after military style.

Stylish leggings plus boots

Owners of slim figure fashion designers are not denied the right to wear boots in combination with leggings. In this case, the optimal top will be a long sweater, knitted or knitted cardigan over a shirt (tunic). Color leggings and boots should match. Therefore, buying extravagant burgundy or purple copies, do not forget to get leggings or tights of the same color. If you do not want to think about what to wear unusual colors, choose a black classic.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

Leather leggings with boots have already left fashion shows. Perhaps only to return in a new capacity. Those who disagree with this state of affairs are advised to choose super laconic outerwear for leather leggings.

Treads and trousers

The all-time gold standard — tight-fitting pants and boots with a looser boot toe. Under the boots, it is better to wear pants muted shades. In some reviews, there are combinations of dark boots with beige (white) hipsters. To some experts, this look is reminiscent of a rider’s clothing or a court hunt.

Fresh trouser version, combined with boots – culottes, conquered the podiums in the new season. In this case, on the contrary, the boots should be narrow, tightly fit the leg and not puff up under the culottes.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

High boots with short shorts

A great idea for those who want to demonstrate slender legs. We recommend paying attention to the current models of sophisticated cut with a high waist. We do not recommend wearing tight shorts or short shorts with boots: this tandem will look good. Top – multi-layered, free fit.

Charm heels

Stiletto heel and high heels on boots require a critical review of the contents of the wardrobe. To eliminate even a slight accent of vulgarity, follow these guidelines.

It is better to wear heels with:

  • spacious midi length dresses, without deep cuts;
  • flared skirts and sophisticated silhouettes;
  • from outerwear, a classic coat and a cape over the knee are preferred.

Overly shortened skirts, shorts, fishnet tights, frank asymmetrical details, leopard prints, and fur and rhinestone trimming fall under the unofficial ban.

In other words, high heels obligate to severity in clothing. Avoid tight-fitting silhouettes, prefer a multi-layered top. Such a combination will soften the defiant style of the shoes and give the look a touch of bohemian sophistication.

In the photo, a large-knit hat and scarf are in perfect harmony with an elegant handbag and a classic coat.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

As an evening out, heeled boots are more variable. They can be worn with bold styles and combined with a bright color palette.

Treads without a heel: stylish and comfortable

The latest trend of the boot fashion: low or rough heels, no-frills leg, suede materials. In the realities of a long winter, such a casual variant will please many compatriots, who will appreciate the convenience of a flat sole in slush and black ice.

Universal boots will not only protect the legs of fragile girls from low temperatures but also give them freedom of movement. They can safely send for a walk, a tour or a train out of town. To choose the right clothes for them even by inexperienced women of fashion. After all, winter boots without a heel do not initially seem to be vulgar.

Create casual comfortable images:

  • with dresses and cardigan freestyle;
  • skirts (straight, elongated, with a slit);
  • warm shorts;
  • leggings and shirts (tunics, blouses);
  • Jeans and cozy knitted sweaters.

Low girls will look spectacular in boots with low heels, complete with short dresses and skirts.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

How to wear stockings boots?

Stocking boots – perhaps the most non-trivial type of boots. They received their name for the fact that, like stockings, tight-fitting legs. Romantic girls choose models from suede and those who aspire to the image of a fatal beauty – from kid leather. Treads stockings visually pull the silhouette, so are ideal for owners of not thin legs.

The combination rules for this type of boots are the same, but with a few reservations. They should not be worn with jeans and leggings. Also, stylists recommend that the bottom of the dress slightly covers the tops, as shown in the photo.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

Stockings boots are worn with skirts, dresses, and shorts that fit into the definition of a mini and midi. Like other models, it is better if they repeat the color of the outerwear or accessory. For a business style, it is worthwhile to prefer more relaxed shoe options.

How to wear boots with outerwear

These boots fit almost all types of clothing, with the exception of down jackets. Parks and jackets also require close selection, avoiding screaming shades. At the peak of fashion, a combination of boots with a fitted coat or trench coat. In tandem with leggings, the length of the coat is preferred below the knees, and with the skirt – knee-length or slightly higher.

A practical, everyday option for a cool autumn season — medium-length, low-lying boots with tight-fitting trousers and a fitted jacket. Winning demi-season image with a touch of sophistication – poncho with long gloves.

In winter, fur coats are best worn with warm suede boots. Well, freshen winter outfit hat or scarf-tippet. Heeled boots perfectly combined with a sheepskin coat to the knees or model “aviator”.

What To Wear Boots In Winter?

Get inspired and experiment! Try different combinations – and you will be surprised by the number of new impressive images that will give you boots.

By Madani