How to tie a shirt on your stomach?

How to tie a shirt on your stomach?
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For a long time, the shirt was considered to be exclusively part of the business wardrobe, which was true until recently, when shirts served a completely different purpose. Shirts are of a completely different nature when worn as part of everyday clothing and fastened across the abdomen. It is worth noting that this method of wearing a shirt suits girls with a slim figure, without any weight defects.

How to tie a shit in different ways

There are several different ways to wear a shirt, tying it on the stomach. Depending on how the shirt is tied, the image will look completely different. Let’s consider in more detail how to tie a shirt in various ways and the advantages of each of them.

At the waistHow to tie a shirt

The shirt, tied at the waist, looks frank because it opens most of the abdomen. This form is suitable for girls with a thin belly, because otherwise, the image may look messy and even somewhat wild.

On the beltHow to tie a shirt

A shirt, tied at the waist, seems much more restricted than the previous version because the stomach is more closed. The option of This chain allows you to undo some buttons on top as it seems more restricted. A very elegant look is a variant of a plaid shirt, knotted in this way.

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On the hipsHow to tie a shirt

Shirt, tied at the hips, rather used as an accessory that complements the main image. Most often, this method is used in combination with denim shorts or skirts. There are also some options with knitted dresses. Since the image is a bit hooligan, he dares, then picking things up for him is the same style.

How to dress and with what to combine?

The question of combining a knotted shirt with other things arises quite naturally, since the method of using the product, to some extent, is unusual. You need to be careful not to overdo the details, as well as not to open too many parts of the body, so as not to look vulgar.

With skirtHow to tie a shirt

To combine a skirt with a knotted shirt, you need to be careful, so that the image does not turn out too frank. With a miniskirt it is better to combine a shirt, tied at the waist or at the hips. For a long skirt to the floor or models of medium length it is a perfect option, tied at the waist or at the waist.

With pants

Model pants with a high waist will be a great pairing with a shirt, tied at the waist or waist. Depending on the linking method, the image will look different, restricted in one case, and sexy in the other.

With shortsHow to tie a shirt

For a combination with shorts, a method of tying a shirt at the hips is very suitable. Also, if the shorts seem too short, then the shirt will cover the buttocks a bit. Also, a shirt tied at the waist would be a good option. A variant with a waist should be avoided, due to excessive vulgarity.

With t-shirt

There is the option of combining a knotted shirt with a shirt, worn underneath. This method is suitable for girls who have flaws in the figure and want to hide them. You can wear a shirt on top of a T-shirt and tie it either at the waist or at the waist, depending on personal preference. Due to the presence of shirts underneath, the shirt buttons can be left undone.


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