3 ways to achieve striking and natural eye makeup

3 ways to achieve striking and natural eye makeup
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Our eyes are one of the most important elements of a day makeup since highlighting the look instantly achieves a more seductive look without the need to use bright shades that give away the use of makeup. To achieve natural eye makeup there are different techniques that we can use but we have chosen the most effective for striking eyes. The three techniques with which you can achieve a natural daytime look that highlights your look.

Techniques to achieve natural eye makeup

Smokeynatural eye makeup

The smokey eye during the day is different from that at night, although the technique is similar, for the effect of the day, shades in nude and brown tones are used, the first is placed near the tear and are blurred with the darker ones towards the other end of the Eye, unlike smokey at night in this one, a black tone is not used and the colors are blurred within the eyelid, not up to the brow line since a dramatic effect is not sought.

Sunsetnatural eye makeup

As its name implies, this technique tries to imitate the sunset using pink, nude, and orange tones. First, the nude tones are applied on the movable eyelid, in the crease of the eyelid the pink tones are applied concentrating on the external part of the eye and they are blurred with the orange colors towards the tear.

Desertnatural eye makeup

If you love golden and brown tones, this effect is ideal for you, first apply a matte brown tone on the crease of the eyelid and blend, then a golden tone is applied on the movable eyelid, and finally a bone tone on the part of the tear to illuminate the look if you want you can add a cat-eye to give more emphasis to your look.

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