Off The Shoulder Wedding Dresses: Your new fashionista crush!

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dresses: Your new fashionista crush!
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If you want to evoke the best that royalty has given us, you would have to make a must for off-the-shoulder wedding dresses. As if it were based on the look of Eugenia de York, this fashion trend has left its mark since its arrival and, of course, it has not rested until it conquers the most daring. These designs have everything you would have expected and their beauty is also concentrated in a neckline that adds freshness, originality, and maximum elegance to your wedding image. Don’t miss out on these more than 50 off-the-shoulder wedding dresses and join one of the proposals that, without a doubt, will rock the terrain of 2020. Are you ready?

The best choice!

Although V-neckline wedding dresses seem to hold their reign, there’s no question that the off-the-shoulder style has become a more than safe bet. As part of the 2020 trends, these creations show their prominence on the catwalks of the best bridal fashion brands, focusing on the beauty of the shoulders as one of the key ingredients to accentuate sensuality and an extraordinary timeless spirit! Versatility is imminent, and for this, the formats are as varied as you can imagine, so it will not be difficult to choose one of these designs, whether you are very classic or, on the contrary, bohemian and with an uncomplicated personality.

Why are off the shoulder wedding dresses a great option?

There are many reasons; However, I dare to comment that these types of designs combine the best of two proposals in one: on the one hand the sweetheart neckline so popular in wedding dresses and, on the other hand, the sleeves that always refer to comfort and class. Believe it or not, this trend has spread to all women, so you can look spectacular at your wedding without having a hint of doubt. Do not be surprised if you find the shoulders dropped with delicate embroidery in lace or spiced with tulle. Similarly, the simplicity and minimalist inspiration do their thing to show that this neckline is ideal for any type of wedding. The pleats and gathers on the body part will stylize your figure, while the side skirts will give your silhouette that perfect image that you want so much to walk down the aisle.

The mermaid cuts also arrive in the company of the dropped shoulders, as well as the A-line dresses and some others with a bohemian style and layered skirts. Among the range of colors and details, you will surely be surprised by the reign that white has recovered in this 2019; however ivory and pearl are still the order of the day for those looking for a color scheme, without leaving the highly valued metals in oblivion. In accents, what better way than to rely on the beauty of delicate fabrics to achieve a perfect equation in your look, although you can always experiment with slight openings that show more skin. The sleeves can be found as structured or fluid, as you want everything, will depend on the image you want to project on your big day and, of course, that the choice you make is consistent with your personality. Do not forget to accompany your dress with a beautiful wedding veil to achieve that ideal image.

Let yourself be won over by these off-the-shoulder wedding dresses. Choose the one that best suits you, enjoy the beauty of the textiles and the perfection of every detail that adds to these dream creations. You will surely be fascinated by the number of proposals available to you and, best of all, whatever your choice is… you will look spectacular!

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