7 Photography Tips For Fashion Bloggers

The photograph is undoubtedly the main tool nowadays fashion bloggers. It is the way through which we let the world know our looks, and therefore we teach our vision of fashion and the way we live it. A fashion blog without good photographs loses a lot compared to one that does. and for that is this post.

As a fashion blogger and photographer, I am often struck by many photographs that I see in some blogs in which very simple and basic things are overlooked, and make the content lose quality. So here are a series of tips to improve your photographs and make your ego blogs more attractive to all your followers.


THE CAMERA: I do not say that it is necessary to have a professional team to take photographs for a fashion blog, but obviously the better this is the more likely to obtain good results we will have. Today there are semi-professional reflex cameras at very competitive prices that give excellent results, without the need to resort to the handful smartphone. There is no doubt that the quality of mobiles increases and every day is closer to semi-professional cameras, but it will hardly reach them and this is very noticeable for now.

I recommend looking at both the camera and the objective to be used, and in case of doubt, we should be advised by a photographer friend to advise us on the best choice for the type of photography that we are going to carry out.

HANDLING AND TECHNIQUE: It is of little use to have a good camera and a good objective if we take pictures in automatic. It is not that they are going to go wrong, but the problem is that we lose all versatility, since they will always be the same and we will not be able to play with many factors that in manual we can. There are photography courses for very little money in which knowledgeable people will explain how to handle our rélfex and get the most out of it. The difference is noticeable and much. Believe me when I tell you that you will amortize more $20 in a short course on photography than spend $300 in a new camera and not know how to use it.7 Photography Tips For Fashion Bloggers

THE FUND AND THE LOCALIZATION: Fashion bloggers almost always tend to do outside photography. The street style commands and I love that. And this is a great advantage that we can and should take advantage of. In a city, we have a thousand funds to use and we have to know how to take advantage of it. First of all, knowing how our look is and what is the environment that will most benefit you. Second, knowing how to get the best out of that environment in a way that enhances our look and photography is as spectacular as possible. And of course, throwing a lot of imagination and a lot of noise at times. A bad background loads a photograph, and a good one can multiply its value by 10.

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MUTILATIONS: Yes, you read correctly: mutilations. Would you cut off a friend’s hand? I do some other yes, but that is not the question. The point is that if you would not do it in real life, why in a photograph? The rule for a good photograph is, thus, briefly, to try to take out complete plans in which parts of the body are not cut. And in case of cutting them, never cut by joints. That is to say if you are going to cut an arm, do it in the middle of the forearm or half of the biceps, but never by the elbow or the wrist. That is very bad, and if not try to take a full-body picture and cover with a sheet of paper right in those points. You will see how it is very strange.7 Photography Tips For Fashion Bloggers

THE LIGHTING: Obviously the exterior is not a study in which we can catch the sun, move it a little to the side, and then increase the intensity a little. We are not Chuck Norris. But we can take advantage of what we have to get the best possible plans. The sun is a great focus, and according to how we put ourselves with respect to it, the photograph will have some nuances or others. On the internet, you can find a lot of information about it. For example, if you make a photo looking at the sun, you will possibly kill all the shadows, and that makes you lose depth. A backlight makes the silhouettes cut much more, but the contrast of the image will be huge and surely either we have the dark person or the background burned. You have to keep an eye on this and always look for the most interesting point of view.

The second tip within this point is that, if you can “frame” two friends for you to take photos, a great investment is a good reflector. Its main function is to bounce the sunlight and turn it into a “portable focus”, so to speak, and I assure you that you earn a lot in a photograph. Also, it’s worth 4 dollars. I leave the link of mine and where I bought it.

THE DETAILS: This is a bit general advice, but it is that you earn a lot by being the retailer. Think that in the end many people are simply left with the image of a photo, and as in that photo there is some fat blunder, all the work goes to the bottom. For example hair on the face. If there is wind very careful, because sometimes photos that are real disasters, and it costs nothing to shoot 50 photos (I understand that we all work with digital cameras and the development is free) and then has a good snapshot of what we want. We do not talk about closed eyes anymore. If you do photography in motion, the advice is to shoot two or three rounds shots, if you come out blinking, always have a valid photo. The labels on the dresses … I think there are words here. Let’s try to cover labels if there are, which is very bad. I cannot imagine a designer making a garment and thinking “here the flight of the gauze will generate a feeling of movement that next to the tag sticking out will make it look like an Angry Birds chrome in a bag of Cheetos”. Do not.

POST-PRODUCTION: “What is it?” The retouching It is worth knowing how to handle, at least in a basic way, good retouching software. Photoshop is our friend, we have to love him. And when I talk about retouching, I do not mean “in this photo I’m going to put on Yola Berrocal’s cabbages”. No. I do not mean that kind of retouching (hey, whoever wants to do what he wants with his photos). I mean improving the levels of a photo, or treating it in an artistic way, retouching the frame, etc. There are a thousand ways to improve a photograph and the retouching software can save many photos of the camera that does not go well at all. I recommend you learn a little about the levels, which make a picture more compensated.7 Photography Tips For Fashion Bloggers

And then, crucially, the framing. Not all of us have a surgeon’s pulse or an oscilloscope in the brain to take pictures perfectly framed and aligned with the horizon. But nothing happens, if then we retouch them. To square the vertical of a photograph or cut out on the sides what interests us to achieve the best framing is paramount. You do not know how much a photograph improves after these little fixes. The most used software, without a doubt, is Photoshop. If you are looking for something free of open source, I advise you to take a look at GIMP.

These are the main tips that come to mind when making photography for fashion bloggers. If you knew them all and you fulfill them to the letter, my congratulations. Needless to say, without a doubt, one of the things that help most is to have a faithful friend call yourself a better friend, boyfriend, relative and/or slave that accompanies our camera in hand, and if he is a photographer, better than better.

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I hope some of these tips will help you. If you liked the post do not hesitate to share it. I will thank you greatly.

By Madani