All About Bamboo Therapy Bamboo Welfare

The massage technique with bamboo already has its own name – Bambu Therapy – and at his baptism is the French physiotherapist Gil Amsallem. At least the treatment that is most widespread, since there are other methods of massage with bamboo canes associated with other developers, if the “Bamboo Fusion Massage” and “Tian Di Bamboo Massage”.

All About Bamboo Therapy Bamboo WelfareThe Gil Amsallem method is well recognized since 2003. Despite the use of bamboo in alternative therapies already be common in China, the inspiration for this came from another physiotherapist experience. It was to observe the bread dough to be flattened with a rolling pin that gave the time “eureka”. In addition to the comparable format, the analogy between the dough roller and the bamboo cane is that both work tools operate as an extension of the hand. Thus, in the context spa, bamboo works like an extension of the hands of the massage. To know more visit Brazilian wax deals in Manhattan.

Bamboo Therapy

The Bambu Therapy is considered a natural alternative therapy and condenses various massage techniques. In the same session are applying massage techniques aimed at several objectives, including lymphatic drainage, modeling and relaxation.

Bamboo acquires a key role here and could not be replaced by other similar objects in its shape, since it has something an inorganic object could not play the energy of nature. This is perhaps the secret of success of Bambu Therapy. Besides being an adaptive equipment to body contours also transmits the power of nature is believed to be part of revitalizing treatment. For the Chinese, for example, bamboo symbolizes lightness, strength, flexibility and beauty factors that also feature massage with bamboo.

Massage with bamboo is made throughout the body, including the feet, hands and face. This is possible because the bamboo canes vary in size, there being the wider, which are more directed to relaxation and other smaller and narrow, ideal for exercising localized pressure and also more adaptable to specific areas. To facilitate the action of bamboo, also refers to the prior application of massage oil in the body.

The basis of this treatment is that bamboo lets put pressure on key points of the body in a more effective way than the pressure exerted by the hands which is also an advantage for the massage. The pressure exerted will have an influence on the dynamics of body fluids, facilitating drainage and providing numerous benefits such as relief of muscle tension and relaxation, activation of the blood circulation, the revitalization of the skin, anti-cellulite and modeling of silhouette.

Each session lasts about 60 to 90 minutes and can be applied as a single treatment or combined with other  therapeutical methods such as aromatherapy, Shiatsu and reflexology among others.

It is contraindicated for hyper and hypotension, diabetes, cancer patients, among other medical conditions. It is always important to make sure with your doctor that there is no contraindication to do so. Finally, overcome these issues, nothing prevents you to enter this wonderful world of spa treatments and experience in their own skin, which bamboo can do for your well-being. We also recommended Male Spa in Manhattan and Best cheap electrolysis in manhattan to know more details.