Autumn is just around the corner, while we fully enjoy the last weeks of the summer season. For this reason, Bershka online has wanted to present new proposals for this period between two seasons.

Where the heat still lingers but the autumn cold begins to notice. A very affordable retro style that will enchant more than one for its basic and its particular elegant comfort. Among these novelties, we can buy dresses with waves at the bottom combined with cream cardigans and cherry clutch bags.

But we can also purchase the essential jeans combined with tweed shorts combined with jackets of the same material. For those who still wish to show off their legs, there is nothing better than pink Bershka online miniskirts with wide pleats combined with fun jerseys and sandals with socks.

You have many options where to choose between these proposals of Bershka online. These tight-fitting pants in cream color with breakage effect and combined with heel shoes are ideal for any time.

Finally, Bershka Online also proposes its sports models so that we can go comfortable to walk or play with our people. The following outfit is made up of a few very comfortable pants combined with plaid shirts and gray sweatshirt with black illustrations. A casual style that will always give you that youthful urban touch so flattering. To buy all these new clothes and many more you will have to enter the online store of Bershka . From there you can buy and order all the clothes you want. They will send it to your house in a few days so that the premieres and look beautiful. What do you think of these proposals of Bershka Online? Would you wear any of these sets we have shown you?