I do not usually go to Primark; although the brand is running it will miss the shops on the street in the middle of the cities. However, after seeing an advance of the winter collection of Primark, I had to mount a tour to one of its shops and this bridge has come to me pearls.

And although the oven is not for rolls, in Primark the purchases will spice you up much more!!!

I entered looking for only some clothes and despite not finding anything I was looking for, I could not leave with empty hands!!!

Dress look lady: In blue night, this satin dress robbed my heart. Perfect to go to work, reminds me of this Manoush (lacy chest and buttons), although a little longer and with a more formal finish.

Satin fuchsia dress: Super simple and flattering. Although I’m not very clear on the occasion I think it is one of those garments that is worth everything depending on the accessories you use!

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American oversize: In gray and with a very cute lining to turn the sleeves, is one of those pieces that cannot miss in your closet this season. Combine it with shorts, jeans or dresses and get tired of putting it on!

Half- time coat: .And of clothes of this type I have filled the closet but the look “Jackie” in the coats I love and I could not resist. In navy blue I think I will combine it with gray.

And finally, this cardigan: Super typical, super-seen and super plague. The best, it is exactly the same as the ones sold in Zara but its price is much better … 14 dollars! Same composition, same cut, same finishes. You get 2 for the price of 1 !!!

Do you like my purchases? Did you visit Primark this bridge?

By HieuJa