Many brides are excited to be married, as they very well should be. However, the problem comes when brides try to do one of the following things. Make sure that wedding dress shopping is as stress-free as possible by avoiding these actions.

Shopping Too Early

Many couples have long engagements, which fits the situation and can be amazing. However, the problem of when to shop for a wedding dress enters the picture with a long engagement. A general rule of thumb is that you should never shop for the gown more than ten months before the wedding. There are three reasons you should follow this rule.

Shopping for Your Dress

  1. Weight Change- It is normal that a woman gains or loses some weight through a year’s time, especially with wedding planning stress upon them. To avoid multiple alterations, it is best to not shop too early.
  2. Wedding Style- You need to have some basic wedding details planned out before you shop. The most important is you need to know your wedding’s venue and style; You do not want to buy a wedding dress fit for a ballroom, then later you and your fiancé decide you really want a beach wedding, because the dress would seem out of place.
  3. Yes, Please! – Often times if you go shopping for a dress, you will fall in love with one. If you do not have the money for the dress yet, it can be difficult to let it go, especially since some designers who create one-of-a-kind gowns, and without the money right away, you may not be able to have that exact gown. Make sure that you are ready to make a purchase if you are going shopping.

Trying On Too Many

With the excitement of being a bride, you may want to try on everything the store has to offer. However, this will only serve to make your end decision more difficult. You should not try on more than ten dresses. Take your time admiring different dresses, but only try on ones that you really like. There will be a lot of beautiful options, especially at a bridal boutique in Leeds; however, not all the beautiful options will be your style.

Evaluating the Price Tag

While price should be taken into consideration, it should not be the only factor. After all, your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Seeing a dress that is normally thousands marked down to hundreds can be tempting, and you can see yourself as saving so much on a high profile dress. However, make sure you really want the dress behind the price tag.

Additionally, the sample dresses that brides try on are often sold at deeply discounted prices, usually online. Before you make that purchase, take an opportunity to look over the dress and see if there is any damage from so many brides trying it on. It may be better just to buy a new dress altogether than spend time and money on alterations and damage control.

These three tips should be taken into consideration when you are buying a dress; remember that it is YOUR day, and the dress should be exactly what you want.