Going to a ski resort can make for an ideal getaway during the winter months. If you’re an expert skier, there’s nothing better than spending a few days gliding down the slopes (and perhaps hitting a few jumps). But even for those just starting out, taking lessons and trying the smaller hills can be a great time. Not to mention, for beginners and experts alike just curling up with a good book and a hot toddy by a fireplace in the resort is pretty nice as well!

Before you head off on your skiing trip, however, you’ll want to make sure you have all your fashion necessities. There’s a certain style component to skiing that it’s actually fun to adhere to, from your look on the slopes to your cozy ensemble for food and drinks after skiing. To help you get started if you have this kind of vacation coming up this winter, here are some of our picks for stylish yet functional essentials.

A Winter Coat and Jacket

It goes without saying that when you’re in a cold climate, you need adequate outerwear. On top of this, there’s a sort of misconception that all winter coats are bulky and unflattering, which leads many to seek out these types of items even for something like a ski trip. However, it’s just not the case any longer that warmth requires bulk; there are so many styles to choose from that can still keep you warm and cozy.

Current trends tend to favor a more classic silhouette with a masculine cut, which can be an excellent pick for a lighter coat to wear around the lodge, or into town. For your time skiing though, you may want to opt for something sportier, built to keep you warm without impeding your movements. For the current season, The North Face’s Arrowood jackets are setting the tone as some of the favorites among skiers.

Waterproof Ski Pants

Having wet pants can certainly put a damper on a ski trip. If it’s your first time, don’t even think about trying it out in toasty leggings or sweatpants! You may be cozy to start with, but the cold will break through and even a minor fall (which happens even to great skiers) will leave cold, damp patches on your pants. To avoid this, it’s imperative to pack waterproof ski pants. Most winter- or outdoor-focused brands will have dedicated ski pants, and among the options you can seek some out that are insulated but breathable, and which fit you well around the waist but aren’t too tight down the legs. For added warmth and comfort, meanwhile, you may also want to consider purchasing something with a bib, which is a common option while skiing.

Flannel Shirt

For your time lounging around after a full day on the slopes, you’ll want to prioritize comfort and warmth while still looking the part. And a soft flannel shirt, perhaps paired with a pair of leggings or jeans and some cozy boots, can be the perfect solution. Woman Within’s lineup of classic flannel shows the versatility this kind of look can have these days, in everything from color and pattern to size and shape. The brand strives to suit all different style and fitting needs, and demonstrates how much fun you can have with a flannel look during your lounge time.

Waterproof Gloves

Remember to protect your hands with a pair of waterproof gloves! Keep in mind you’ll be gripping ski poles and lift rails at pretty much all times, which means you won’t simply be able to bury your cold hands in a toasty coat pocket. You may want to pack a lighter pair of gloves (perhaps ones that you can use your phone with) for your time around the lodge or walking around the ski town. But for the slopes, the most important things are that they be warm and waterproof. Try to shop in person so that the people in the store can help you to know if you’ve found the right fit (which isn’t always readily apparent with gloves).

Chic Scarf

A scarf is by no means a necessity when skiing, as you’ll have plenty of other garments to stay warm with. But it can certainly make for a nice bit of added style on the slopes! Anthropologie’s chic hot-pink scarf is one of the best we’ve seen this season in that it’s not only fashionable, but also conveys one idea to take into account for skiing: You may want to get something that stands out like this so that you’re all the more visible to the people you’re skiing with.

Turtleneck Dress

Typically at posh ski resorts, there’s a fancy restaurant located either on the property or in the general vicinity. And there are few things nicer than settling down for a great meal after a long day of what’s ultimately an incredible workout. Even better though is to do so in style! When you’re finished for the day, you may want to change out of your waterproof outerwear, grab a hot shower, and slip into something a little sleeker, but still nice and cozy. For this, you can’t do much better than a figure-hugging turtleneck dress with a few delicate accessories.