Most Popular Myths and Superstitions About Cutting Nails at Night 

Most Popular Myths and Superstitions About Cutting Nails at Night 

In this article from best payout online casino usa, we will be taking a look at some of the most popular myths and superstitions concerning cutting nails in the middle of the night.

  1. You Will Not Be Able To Be By Your Parents’ Side When They Die

Indeed, it is really very sad that one will not be by their parents’ side. So you want to cut or don’t want is up to you lor.

  1. You Will Become Poor

Of course la. Those who are rich will not cut their own nails what? They will hire someone to cut for them. 3. You Will Grow To Be Afraid Of The Dark

This one I not confirm ah but according to Chinese mythology, it is said that cutting nails at night will make one fear the darkness. It’s probably because in ancient China, many folks were too poor to buy lamps and oil to keep their house brightly lit at night, so many of them who attempted to cut their nails accidentally cut their fingers as a result, thus the rumor. By the way, there were no nail clippers at that time: they cut their nails using a knife.

  1. You Will Attract Evil Spirits

Evil spirits, angry spirits or angry birds? If you cut your nails at night, people sleeping not angry will also become angry when you make such irritating sounds to annoy them. When people are angry they lose their minds, when they lose their minds, they do bad things, when they do bad things, they sin, when they sin, they get labeled as evil.

  1. You Will Fail Your Exams

Seriously?! Since when did cutting nails at night have anything to do with whether one passes or fails their exams? I guess the people who are working tomorrow morning must be really pissed off by the irritating sounds of nails getting cut that they can come up with such interesting ways to prevent others from cutting nails at night. Cutting your nails won’t even place a dent your winning streak at, talk less of exams.

  1. Hindu Culture

In India, those who practice Hinduism have a strong believe that nails and hair should not be clipped at night. This notion is attributed to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and good fortune. Nails, especially toenails, and hair have a ton dirt and bacteria on and under them. The theory is that cutting your nails at night leaves dirt around the house. We know that Ian Rush’s children doesn’t believe in any of that.

  1. Japanese Culture

In Japan, cutting your toenails at night is also forbidden. In this belief, anyone refusing to abide gets a much more permanent punishment.