Music festivals seem to cluster around when the weather is warm. You, therefore, want to pick a fashion that is comfortable, but there are a few trends that you will see at these events. Graphic t-shirts are one of them. Something like the this is how I roll tractor shirt tends to go over quite well with music festival goers, but it’s not limited to that design. Pick a statement or image that fits your mood and style, and you’ll fit in regardless.

Dress for Comfort

No matter what fashion segment you fit into, you always want to spend those festival days and nights comfortable. Denim cut-offs are great. Suede jackets are great for staying warm at night; hooded sweatshirts are perfect for staying warm and cool-looking as well. Many people at a music festival will simply be wearing sandals, which are fine in that setting as is a crossbody bag. It’s small, simple, and easy to carry around without having to hold it in your hands.

In addition, loose-fitting jeans are popular at festivals. Denim cut-offs are all the rage, and suit your needs for style and comfort no matter what kind of music festival you attend. You’ll also see bucket hats, crop tops, cool sunglasses, and retro sneakers. Tank tops, bikinis, and baseball caps fit in just as well.

Music Festival Fashion Basics

Dress for the Moment

Every moment at a music festival isn’t necessarily a clean one. You may want to layer up, because one day the heat may be on; the next the rain may be falling. The weather can change quickly so even take scarves along. Springtime comes with unpredictable weather and often winters that just want to hang on at times.

If neon makes you feel your best, pick some bright clothes to go with white, black, striped, and polka dot garments. Lots of festival goers also like to sparkle. Sparkles and body paint are trendy at festivals, so stock up on body art supplies and be creative. Although it seems retro, flowers are quite versatile when it comes to mixing and matching them with clothing and jewelry.

Another festival pastime is flagged. A flag of your choice can make a statement or double as a cape. You can also wave it around as you dance about and make yourself visible among the crowd. Then again, if it gets cold you have an impromptu blanket. If it gets rainy, then cover up to stay as dry as you can. Just remember to enjoy the festival; wear whatever seems right, because the fun thing is that many of these things aren’t practical in other settings, and it’s the time of year to forget about winter and look forward to the months ahead.