When it comes to gift giving, the old cliché holds true because it really is the thought that counts. Here are seven ways you can give more thoughtful presents that the receiver will love and treasure.

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Get personal

Any name can be added to products when you choose a customised, personalised gift. You can have the full name, a nickname or pet name engraved, etched, sewn or stamped, depending on the product, to make the gift unique.

Go beyond a name

Many products will have room for a slightly lengthier personalisation, so don’t feel limited to just a name. Small messages or a significant date can add a special touch to that perfect gift.

A range of gifting categories

A personalised gift shows you have put time, thought and effort into your present. There are lots of categories from which to choose, from trinkets, toys and jewellery to cushions, mugs, calendars and lap trays, which are available from stockists such as https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/collections/lap-trays.

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Choosing something with the recipient in mind and personalising it increases the feeling of the recipient being understood, which research shows results in more gratefulness in long-term relationships.

A practical solution

For small children, having name tags on items, such as a coat or lunchbox, aids the ability for them to find their belongings. This can help to foster a sense of independence while being a practical solution to ensure possessions aren’t lost, misplaced or mixed up. Engraving is especially beneficial here, as it won’t fade or chip away. This makes it a versatile solution for even the most played-with toys.

Gifting for young children

At an earlier age, personalised possessions and toys can help a child to identify letters, sounds and the written form of their own name, helping them to become more familiar with it and learning its spelling more quickly.

Give an experience

An experience can be a priceless and thoughtful alternative to a physical gift. These are the gifts that create memories to last a lifetime, whether a ride in a hot air balloon, a trip to the zoo, or a show at the theatre.

A gift that keeps on giving

Make the joy of receiving gifts last longer and build the anticipation with a subscription gift, such as media streaming, a magazine, wine, or a monthly beauty box.