A badly fitting bra can affect both your health and sporting performance. If you’re not sure if you fall into the overcrowded category of women wearing the wrong bra during exercise, here are a trio of signs that your bra is not right for the job.

Three Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

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Breathing Problems

If your bra is too tight, you won’t be able to take the deep breaths necessary during exercise. This won’t make you feel great and will mean that you can’t get the most out of your exercise sessions.

Wearing a bra that is too loose can also be an issue. If your bra lifts away from your body when you jog on the spot, you probably need a smaller band.

Just as bras such as the Prima Donna Deauville White Bra offer effective support during day-to-day activities, your sports bra should offer you the support you need while still letting you move easily during physical activities.

Too Much Bouncing

Bouncy boobs are uncomfortable, and breast tissue can be damaged as a result. The problem of breast pain as a result of exercise is explored in a New York Times article.

To prevent muscle fatigue in breasts, cups need to fully encompass breast tissue, in the same way that bras such as this – http://www.orchidlingerie.co.uk/white-prima-donna-deauville-full-cup-bra – encapsulate the breast for normal wear.

Three Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra2

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When trying on sports bras, do jog on the spot or jump around to test its bounce-busting powers. If you notice excessive bouncing, try a bra with wider straps, flexi-wire or extra back clasps.


If breast tissue is coming out around the bra, it means that it doesn’t fit properly. Your bra may create great cleavage, but overspill is a sign that you’re going to be short on support when it comes to the crunch. You could try wearing a bigger cup size or investing in a fuller cup shape.

Choosing the Right Bra

You need to make sure that you are wearing the right size of bra and the right type for the job. If you’re planning on doing higher-impact exercise or you have a bigger bust, you might need an encapsulation bra, which is like an everyday bra but with more coverage, while smaller breasts can often be kept safe in a compression bra, which keeps them flat to the chest wall.