When temperatures drop during winter, it usually creates problems on the skin, for instance, the itch, the dryness, and the chill. But this should not worry; you can still avoid the wrath of the winter but following a few proactive and smart steps. During winter, skin woes are common. Statistics show more than 80% of Americans experience skin problems during winter than the rest of the year. In case you want to dug deeper into statistics, check out termpapereasy.com.

Dermatologists say that the cold weather experienced during winter can affect skins of all types. But to fight this, some skincare routines can help fight the itchy and dry skin during winter.

  1. Stay warm, avoid being hot.

During winter, many people love having some long, hot baths. Research done shows that more people, more than half, take hot showers more than normal. This technique, unfortunately, strips the skin. It removes the moisture that usually keeps the skin hydrated, healthy, and protected. When you want to shower, it is advised to take a warm shower to avoid irritation of the skin. If you are going to get some warmth, you can cozy up in your blanket.

  1. Deal with the winter itch

The winter itch results from dry skin, and if you want to avoid this, you can ensure that you are moisturizing daily. Also, use products that have ceramides in them. Ceramides fight dryness and also maintains hydration. Ceramides are naturally occurring in the skin, but outside factors like daily activities or the environment can lead to dry skin. You should ensure that you stock your ceramide products in your bathroom. After taking a shower, while the skin is still wet, apply to your skin. It helps restore the protective barrier in the skin and seals in the moisture.

  1. Dress smart 

Be sure you are bundled up when outside. When outside, ensure that your skin gets protection. You should wear gloves, scarves, and hats to protect you. While you are bundling up, you should also avoid anything that might irritate your skin. When wearing your clothes and you feel itchy, try changing into a breathable shirt as an undergarment, or you can swap your sweater to a different material.

  1. Maximize Moisture

During the winter, the cold air leaves the skin feeling itchy, lackluster, and dry. It is due to the winter air pulling moisture from it. While heading back indoors should help, sometimes that is not the case. Most of the time, the thermostat in the house also sucks moisture from your skin since it causes dry air. In such cases, use a humidifier. It can add moisture into the air. Also, consider having a routine for your skincare for winter the same way you have a winter wardrobe. Use more affluent products that add moisture that is needed during winter. Make sure you use them two times daily.

  1. Drink up

Adding moisture into the air is not the only way that you can hydrate yourself. You can also moisturize yourself by drinking lots of water. It helps by moisturizing you from the inside. Drinking water has many benefits, and having good skin is one of them. During winter, we lose a lot of moisture and hydrating bits of help. Another way to hydrate is by taking warm tea.