The Wedding Dress For 2018,Romantic And Sensual

For those who will have to get married in 2018, the crucial moment is approaching, the one that haunts every woman and that confronts a choice that will determine the degree of satisfaction on the wedding day: the wedding dress. So here is some useful information on the wedding dress for 2018 for the dress to wear on the altar.

Wedding dress for 2018: trends

We will avoid listing the huge variety of Maison and atelier for wedding dresses, of course: we would end up confusing, even more, the ideas to our wedding dresses. But we will limit ourselves to pointing out the main trends and the choices of the main tailors that dictate the guidelines in our latitudes.

The keywords of the 2018 wedding dress

The wedding dress for 2018 will have a connotation that is contained in some keywords: romance, geometry, volumes, embroidery, lace.

Proposals for the wedding dress

Let’s see what are the indications of some of the greatest designers for the bride’s dress.

The wedding dress for 2018 by Emiliano Bengasi The Wedding Dress For 2018,Romantic And Sensual

bengasi wedding dressThe bride 2018 of  Emiliano Bengasi is, for example, a mixture between the romantic princess and the daring girl of today: lace, tulle, and organza of silk give body to wedding dresses with important volumes and at the same time able to enhance the sensual silhouette of a woman.

Modern Cinderellas dresses revisited in a contemporary key with necklines, veils, and transparencies that alternate with sinuous sirens able to wrap and draw the body of a woman in a sensual way.

The wedding dress for 2018 by Elisabetta PolignanoThe Wedding Dress For 2018,Romantic And Sensual

The proposal of Elisabetta Polignano’s wedding dress for 2018 is even more pushed towards the Venetian baroque style. Italian precious fabrics with large volumes with soft evolutions, with specific references to Murrine and Murano glass. Between plissé and fil coupé work, we highlight important bows embellished with lace, chiffon, organza and silk mikado. In short, lagoon evocations of the late ‘600 and early’ 700s that come back into fashion strongly, even in colors ranging from white silk to ivory biscuit to bolder shades such as cream shades or shades of green, pink and blue that recall the reflections of the silent water that flows between the canals of Venice.

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The wedding dress for 2018 by Alessandra RinaudoThe Wedding Dress For 2018,Romantic And Sensual

The romantic theme is also enhanced by Alessandra Rinaudo with her “Nicole” collection of wedding dresses for 2018. The designer has in fact designed a series of authentically princess-like creations with hyper-romantic details that create enchanting silhouettes. Also, in this case, we find variations on shades of colors ranging from optical white to ivory, to delicate shades in pink or light blue and even slight hints of fishing. Light and impalpable materials with embroidery, lace and very suggestive layering games.

The wedding dress for 2018 by Carlo Pignatelli The Wedding Dress For 2018, Romantic And Sensual

pignatelli wedding dressRefinement and romanticism are also the leitmotif of  Carlo Pignatelli, starting from the chromatic choices that propose for the wedding dress for 2018 a sample of ivory, mauve, Tiffany, and powder be combined with the candor of tradition.

Tulle and precious applications, with micro decorations and details, are taken care of down to the smallest details, then explode into gifts, not without touches of sensuality through elegant transparencies.

Curled tulle, embroidery and Chantilly and rebrodé lace to melangiare, craquants organza, jacquard, georgette and any other fabric capable of enriching the visual impact for a wedding dress that perfectly combines the romantic and daring woman at the same time.

The wedding dress for 2018  by PronoviasThe Wedding Dress For 2018, Romantic And Sensual

Last but not least, the inevitable reference to the Spanish fashion house Pronovias, increasingly appreciated by our bride and groom. The traditional mermaid dress turns into a mixture of sensuality and romance, with the dominance of lace and bodices with transparent inserts, wide neckline, and back, hoods and sleeves embellished with games of veining and finishing touches very accurate.

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The wedding dress for 2018: conclusions

Of course, each of you will be oriented towards what best represents your way of being. The choice of the wedding dress, not only for 2018 but always, must, in fact, be a choice that puts the bride in the condition of feeling at ease on the most important day of her life. The dress must be “felt ” as if it were a second skin.

Otherwise, no matter how beautiful or trendy it may be, it will be perceived as a prosthesis that would end up ruining your look on the altar.

By Madani