Zonamaco - Primo 1800 Tequila Collection

Zonamaco, one of the most important design events, has just celebrated its 2018 edition, a multidisciplinary event that brings together diverse artistic and expression forms; and in this context, the XV anniversary of Zonamaco  1800 tequila presented the Premio.Premio 1800 tequila Collection of artists Noé Martínez, Matías Goeritz, Minerva Cuevas and Julio Le Parc.

The delivery of this award was an exhaustive and meticulous search of all the Zonamaco galleries to find the best works.

1800 Tequila Collection Award Zonamaco - Primo 1800 Tequila Collection

Minerva Cuevas (Kurimanzutto Gallery): Recipient of the 1800 Tequila Award Collection of 36 thousand dollars for the work “What Happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?”, Made from carrots, as the main food in Mexican culture, working about the orange pigment and the current impact of the concept of feeding of all human beings.

Matías Goeritz Galería (Caja Negra): Winner of the 1800 Tequila Collection for 22 thousand dollars, for 4 drawings on vegetal paper, based on the absence of a window as a visual element but also spatial, placing the narrative and sculptural details.

Julio Leparc (RGR Gallery): He received the 1800 Tequila 1800 Collection Award for the work “Mobile Bleu Translucide”, a clear example of the displacement of object elements that make up a kinetic sculpture, which generates displacements, sounds, color and they turn into a sculpture in movement.

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Noé Martínez (Park Gallery): He won with two of his works the 1800 Tequila Collection Prize, for 12 thousand and 5 thousand dollars respectively, with Brief relation of the Panuco, of the series Mollera, with which he seeks to translate in a visual way the abstract language that, for example, members of his family like the grandmother, have used for many years as a tradition and that is currently being lost.

By Madani