Tropical Chic, the dress code of the moment

Tropical Chic, the dress code of the moment
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Tropical chic, the dress code of the moment, very appropriate to our tropical climate, where it is almost always summer, so it has become a trend and adapted to different occasions, but how do we decide what to wear when we receive an invitation with this “label”??

If there is something sure is that we all have different tastes, but we must have an idea of ​​what does and does not apply, so I will give you some tips to make it easier for you to choose.

Tips to choose your outfit “tropical chic”tropical chic

Vibrant colors are your allies as the tropics are diverse. Do not overdo it using more than three colors in your look, unless you are a “killer” in this art.

White is the infallible: Nothing like a white linen or crochet dress for a day event, which with just adding accessories statement like a printed bag will be perfect.

The prints for the most feminine and sexy girls are your best option. Use them in your less pronounced areas since they add volume.

Tropical shouts movement, I recommend flights, such as pleated skirts. Perfect for late-night events, it will make you stand out.tropical chic

The pastel colors are worthwhile they have that summer and tropical air. Dresses or skirts cut A favor the silhouette and make us look elegant.

If the event is day and casual, you can use flats, more if you’re wearing shorts, a skirt or a short dress.

The maxi dresses are a must-have, they are super dressing and practical.

For night invitations, the ideal thing is that you add height to your feet and opt for one piece or long dresses.

Each one with its style will personalize this tropical chic code, however, it is important to always consider the place, the time and the time to always look smart.


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