Dress Code For Men At The Wedding

If you really do not care about your appearance, remember that taking care of your look in these circumstances is also, and above all, a form of respect towards the spouses who have invited you. And then, one must not disfigure! Here, then, some tips on how to dress code for a wedding in which you are a simple guest, without that particular “tasks” institutional.

If we want to summarize the objectives to the maximum, well, the key word is “adequate”. It must be a dress in line with the style of the event but without excesses: the protagonists are the spouses, certainly not the guests, and therefore there is no need to steal the scene from them. But it is also true that during the ceremony each of the guests will review all the others to express their evaluations. And so, even without wanting to expire in the competition, it is necessary that you feel at ease in order to look good.

Here some dress code for men at the wedding

Informal Marriage

Contrary to what would be taken for granted, even in “informal” marriage, it is unthinkable to dress in an informal way. It will be a must, even on that occasion, that you wear a classic dress. The only exceptions are events organized, in particular, unconventional locations, and then in those cases we can also grant “informal” solutions, without exaggerating: in any case, in any case, excesses such as tuxedos or Bermudas and t-shirts would be out of context printed, while dark jeans and a white shirt would not stun a pair of plain-colored sneakers.

Winter WeddingDress Code For Men At The Wedding

If the event takes place during the cold winter months, the ceremonial dress code for him will have to be of a warm material, classic cut, combined with a coat. The colors will predominantly be two: the blue and the gray in their infinite variations. Avoid resorting to synthetic fabric duvets and maybe opt for a three-piece suit, which also includes a coordinated waistcoat. In this way, you will be sufficiently protected even in the face of harsh temperatures but you will keep your aplomb without particular difficulty.

Summer Wedding

Dress code for the ceremony in the summer months, however, it is important to choose fabrics that are not too heavy and allow the skin to breathe: it will be essential to avoid sweaty epics that, yes, they would place you in the center of attention involuntarily. Of course, you do not even need to overdo the contrary: the shorts, however, you can choose them in elegant versions, are in any case to be avoided. As for the colors, the range of options is extended and in addition to the blue and gray you can also move in the range of beige, to the color of tobacco, between the blues and, if you feel it, even with some shades of red, as long as it is not too flamboyant.

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Marriage In Spring (But Also Autumn)

If you have an important celebration in the spring months (but also in the first autumn, when the sun is still warm) the choice will fall on the classic formal dress and the shades will also range in pastel shades, especially if the event is morning. On the other hand, if you wait until the evening, iron gray and dark blue will be the master. For sure, you will have to avoid the white, honor granted only to the future wife on that day…

Marriage By Day, Afternoon, EveningDress Code For Men At The Wedding

The distinction between day, afternoon and evening marriage is basically about the time of the ceremony. If in the first phase of the day you can enjoy a less formal outfit, as you approach the evening the elegant classic will become a “must” and the colors will tend to darken. In any case, a casual look should be avoided, unless explicitly requested by the spouses for a more loose form of celebration.

Marriage What Not To Wear

The advantage of being a man is that the rules to follow are substantially few, but we must follow them to avoid gaffes and especially as a form of respect towards the spouses who invited us. Being invited to a marriage, after all, is a sharing of the emotion on the part of the spouses who ask you to adequately celebrate their union in a frame of affections. So the choice of the outfit must be sober.

But the dress code is hardly ever specified by the spouses and so we see what the style mistakes are that they do not absolutely commit.

The evening tight is a serious mistake as well as the colors too light in the evening event. The white shoes like white stockings are literally banned, as well as the ghosts. Shirts too brightly colored and ties with excessive fantasies are similarly discouraged since we are in any case involved in a solemn ceremony, festive as it is.

Recommendations are then those of ” behavior “: the jacket should be worn throughout the ceremony unless the climate becomes particularly relaxed (perhaps with the complicity of wine …) but not before it is eventually the groom to give the “la “At the change of register. And, if it is an event that takes place in the summer, before removing it is better to make sure not to show conspicuous signs of sweat on the shirt.

Avoid absolutely unlacing the last button of the shirt that, however, must remain covered by the tie. Avoid wearing a tank top, not even in winter: it is better to use a very fine wool vest if it should be too cold.

For the rest, the errors of look to avoid you can already evaluate by analyzing two certain elements of which you will be aware before the ceremony: the location will tell you a lot of the style chosen by the couple; the invitation (the classic “participation”) is itself a “visiting card” of the theme which inspires the ceremony. This will suffice for you to make your choices with sufficient certainty to make a great impression and therefore feel “adequate” to the event.

By Madani