Irish wedding traditions

You want to respect the traditional aesthetic of D-Day. This is how you will choose a beautiful white wedding dress to unite you with the man of your life who for his part will be dressed in an elegant wedding suit. marriage. You will also not fail to compose a bridal bouquet of fresh flowers to complete your outfit.

You who love rites and customs and intend to put them in the spotlight on your big day will no doubt be curious to discover the traditions of other countries. Today, head to Ireland to learn more about Green Island wedding habits and customs.

1. The blue dressIrish wedding traditions

While most Irish women today choose to wear a lace wedding dress in white color, it was an ancient custom that the bride is dressed in a blue dress. This color was indeed the symbol of purity and innocence and it was therefore privileged for the outfit of young girls on their wedding day.

2. The Claddagh ringIrish wedding traditions

Do you want to make an original marriage proposal? Get a Claddagh ring. This traditional Irish ring comes in the form of two hands surrounding a heart surmounted by a crown. This jewel is generally passed on from mother to daughter.

We wear it on the right hand with the point of the heart towards the fingernails when you are single, the point towards the wrist when your heart is taken. We will place the ring on the left hand, the point towards the nail during the engagement, the point towards the wrist once married. The ring was said to have been forged 300 years ago by a man from Galway separated from his beloved to be enslaved in a goldsmith’s shop.

3. The lucky charms of D-Day

As in other English-speaking countries, Irish women associate their strapless wedding dress with a new, old, blue, and borrowed accessory for good luck. The old object could be an Irish penny slipped into the shoe.

It is also recommended that the bride and groom wear a horseshoe as a lucky charm. As tradition has evolved, we no longer have to wear this bulky accessory on ourselves, it can for example serve as a decorative element during the ceremony.

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4. Hands tiedIrish wedding traditions

A Celtic custom is that the hands of the bride and groom are tied together during the ceremony to symbolize their union and their lives which unite with each other. We then speak of handfasting and we will use a cord or if we prefer a colored ribbon to practice this rite.

5. Dancing with your feet on the ground

Irish customs and traditions often appeal to evil spirits and other magical beliefs. This is how the bride is recommended to dance with her feet on the ground throughout the wedding evening.

It is indeed feared that if she lifts her feet, evil fairies may seize her. Fairies are known to be attracted to the beautiful things they wish to steal. The bride being the queen of the party, she would therefore be the first target!

6. The bell as a wedding giftIrish wedding traditions

Looking for an original wedding gift idea for your loved ones? Opt for small bells! Irish custom is that bells are offered to the bride and groom to bless their union and ward off evil spirits.

You can also decide to offer small bells to your guests which will ring them at the end of the ceremony or when you enter the reception hall.

7. The marriage proposal in leap years

It is an old Irish belief that women can only ask for their partner’s hand in leap years. Saint Brigid, patron saint of the Irish would have asked Saint Patrick for permission for women to make their requests to men.

The latter would have accepted on condition that the requests could only be made every 7 years. Sainte Brigitte would then have obtained a period of 4 years by relying on the system of leap years.

Have you decided to put Irish culture in the spotlight on your big day? So go get ideas for wedding games from the traditions of this beautiful country. No doubt your guests will enjoy discovering wedding games that are different from those they are used to.

By Ronney