Wedding Dresses on Spaghetti Straps

Strange as it may seem, such an ordinary, logical and understandable element of a woman’s dress, like a shoulder strap, is usually inferior to more unusual variants with fully open shoulders, corset, or, on the contrary, completely closed top among wedding dresses. Nevertheless, wedding dresses on spaghetti straps are also found, and such models usually look very interesting, original, and peculiar.

What are the advantages of dresses with shoulder spaghetti straps?

If to speak purely from the practical side, then the shoulder spaghetti straps are invented in order to banally support the dress itself, not to let it fall down. Accordingly, the same advantage is given to the bride who has chosen a wedding dress on straps. Of course, any dress is necessarily adjusted to the figure, and initially thought out so as not to fall off, but the dress with shoulder straps will definitely give the owner more confidence and freedom in movements.Wedding Dresses on Spaghetti Straps

In addition, straps – this is also an element of design, which, at the same time, itself acts as an ornament, and can be decorated additionally.

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What are the shoulder spaghetti straps?

List all the options simply impossible, as well as find two identical wedding dresses. Each designer brings something of his own, so wedding dresses on straps are always different from each other. But the main trends, of course, can be listed.

  • The most inconspicuous ones are, rather, a practical function. Rarely decorated, but sometimes it happens.
  • Two thin straps. Usually, they are made on very lush dresses, so as not to distract from the dress itself. Can be decorated with embroidery, lace, rhinestones, and any other decorating methods.
  • Two wide straps. As a rule, these are empire-style dresses. Here they look the most harmoniously, are the continuation of the top of the dress, divide the breast into symmetrical halves, while supporting it, and accepting. In the same dresses, the variant is spread, when shoulder straps cover the entire shoulder, like ribbons, and gather at the breast to one point. Obtain typical triangles, in which the classical ancient Roman motifs are easily discernible.
  • One wide strap. Most often, these straps are used in silhouettes such as “mermaid” or strict dresses-cases. In this case, the strap is clearly attracting attention, creating a diagonal asymmetry, making the outfit original. For the same reason, it is often adorned as a significant place on the dress.
  • One strap through the neck. Used in very different dresses, more often in classical with A-silhouette. It looks very original and interesting. Focuses on the décolleté and chest area.

These are only the most common options, which we tried to gather into large groups. In fact, wedding dresses on straps are invented as a single whole, so there are no standard solutions in them.

How to choose a dress?

As you might have noticed, wedding dresses with spaghetti straps come in many shapes and silhouettes. This means, first of all, that you have a really great choice. In fact, you can open our catalog, choose the right one and like the silhouette, and find the one that suits you best.Wedding Dresses on Spaghetti Straps

But do not forget that wedding dresses are selected and adjusted according to the figure. And there are no universal figures and universal dresses.

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Therefore, not every dress fits any bride. The best way to choose a really suitable dress is to come to our salon for fitting. We will tell you all the nuances, we will help you to choose exactly the dress that waits for you and fit it according to the figure. Also, we have all the necessary accessories for the wedding.

By Madani