Wide Trousers In Women’s Wardrobe

Wide Trousers In Women’s Wardrobe
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Recently, we are all so accustomed to skinny, skinny trousers and jeans, that we began to forget about the timeless classics – trousers of wide cut. They are quite diverse: these are flared models in the well-known “hippie” style, options with low and high waist (the first option is for the Oriental style, and the second is for the romantic retro), strict pants for office suits, skirts and much another (one of the successful examples of such trousers you will see in the photo below). How to wear wide trousers – let’s talk in this article.

Wide Trousers In Women's Wardrobe

Why wide trousers are what you need?

To begin with, we’ll find out which tasks wide trousers can solve in principle if you choose them successfully:

  • Visually stretch the silhouette and legs, making them visually longer and slender. If you have a very small height, then this effect can be enhanced by choosing a model with a high waist and wearing shoes with heels. However, in any case, your figure looks more flying and feminine, if you decide to wear wide pants.
  • Disguise excess volume in the hips. For this purpose, models that are slightly flared from the knee are best suited: they help to make the silhouette more beautiful and harmonious.
  • Add the missing volume in the hips. Representatives of the fair sex, in which the lower part of the body, on the contrary, is smaller than the upper part, fit products with flared from the thigh. They will make your figure much more feminine.

Wide Trousers In Women's Wardrobe

  • Remove accent from waist. If this zone is your problem because of your absence, then you can simply wear wide trousers with a loose blouse or cardigan. So you will look stylish and elegant, and it will never occur to anyone to think whether you have a waist.
  • Hide the imperfections of the legs. Finally, if your legs are far from ideal, then in wide trousers all this will be reliably disguised from prying eyes. No one will pay attention to your “ears” on the hips or pumped calf – the silhouette will look feminine and elegant.

Pay attention to the fact that if you are tall enough, then the answer to the question “What shoes to wear wide trousers?” For you will have feminine classic options without heels (shoes, sandals, boots). Otherwise, the focus on your height will be excessive.

What is the best way to combine wide trousers?

We now turn to the question of what other wardrobe items it is best to wear wide trousers. There may be many options here, so we list the most win-win ones:

  • Spacious baggy blouses. In general, if you read other materials, then there are many places where you will see a warning against wearing wide trousers with a wide baggy top. From the classical point of view, this is indeed not a very successful combination, but in recent years, the so-called “pajama” style has become quite popular. It is spacious, comfortable and, according to current views of the year 2018, quite “trendy”. Therefore, if you manage to form a beautiful female set of such a plan – wear it with pleasure.

Wide Trousers In Women's Wardrobe

  • Classic slinky blouses. This option, in contrast to the “pajama”, will always be relevant and definitely will not cause anyone to doubt its style and elegance. If you wear a blouse with wide trousers with a high waist, then you will create the most feminine look. True, this option is better for those girls who have a relatively flat tummy.
  • Sweaters, knitted sweaters, sweaters, and turtlenecks. It can be as fitting models, as well as variants with the free cut. However, in the second case, it is worthwhile to think about tucking a blouse inside wide trousers to avoid creating an “incomprehensible” silhouette.
  • Short tops and T-shirts. In the warm season, wide trousers can be worn with short tops. Naturally, this is also an option for ladies whose press is in a relatively pumped up state. Best of all, colorful trousers with prints are suitable for such an image, although if you put on a topic with a monochromatic classic model, this will not look kitschy either.

Wide Trousers In Women's Wardrobe

  • Shirts. With wide trousers, fitted shirts look best, and, again, tucked inside. As in the case with blouses, the silhouette is very feminine and elegant, with a touch of retro style.
  • T-shirts. If the baggy “pajama” style is yours, then no one will forbid you to wear wide trousers not only with wide blouses that we talked about earlier but also with the same T-shirts. This, again, is an option for an amateur, but an option that does not run counter to current fashion trends.

Wide Trousers In Women's Wardrobe

  • Cardigans. With the classic wide trousers look great, soft cardigans, perhaps rolled to the elbows. They can be worn with a fit, and with a free top.
  • Short jackets. From outerwear, this is one of the most stylish combinations with wide trousers, and the jacket can even be leather. It all depends on the image you want to form.
  • Classic long coats and raincoats. Such products of classic cut are literally created for wearing with similar trousers. It is feminine, elegant and stylish, regardless of fashion trends.

Wide Trousers In Women's Wardrobe

We hope that in your imagination interesting images have already been born that you can create for yourself with the use of wide trousers. Do not be afraid to experiment and expand your wardrobe with unusual things – after all, a real woman should look different every day!