Youth Fashion – Getting Ready for Back to School

Youth Fashion – Getting Ready for Back to School
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What are the most important school looks this season in youth fashion? How to dress for school in September when you still don’t want to part with summer trends? How to change your style after the holidays and what should be in your wardrobe?

The new school year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to update your wardrobe with items suitable for school. Next year promises to be less strict about the school dress code, and in many schools, in addition to school uniforms, it will be possible to wear casual clothing. However, no one has canceled the business dress code! Today we will talk about the most suitable things in youth fashion that the teacher will not criticize and classmates will appreciate it!

In the 21st century, youth school fashion is not inferior to office fashion. Modern schoolgirls are trying to look 100% modern! However, in order not to overdo it, it is important to adhere to certain rules and choose the right things.

Youth Fashion Make sure it’s not boring!Youth Fashion

Going back to school doesn’t have to be a sad thing. Sundresses and light skirts can be worn for several weeks, just like you did during the warmer days of summer. How to wear summer clothes and create fashionable looks for school in September? There are several ways.

The main rules of the school dress code

1. The main rules of the school dress code.1 Clothing must be consistent with the business style.

2. Avoid bright and striking colors, patterns, and designs, preferring understated options.

3. Basic colors for school clothes: black, white, gray, brown, dark blue, burgundy, milk, beige.

4. Plunging necklines and extremely short skirts are taboo.

5. Try to exclude a transparent cover. It is desirable that the blouse does not show, but such a thing can be worn under an open-neck sweater or under a buttoned jacket.

6. Restraint in the image refers not only to clothing but also to shoes. It is preferable to choose shoes with a flat sole, a low platform, and a stable rectangular heel that does not exceed 5 cm.

Youth Fashion – Stylish School SetsYouth Fashion

Of course, when choosing an image, it is important that it looks harmonious. Therefore, it is best to try on clothes and shoes at the same time. At the same time, if you buy on different days, you will not be able to try everything in the store. It is advisable to take pictures of things on your phone and upload them to a special application. So you can visually estimate what “this blouse with those pants” will look like.

Our selection of photos will help you compose the best images, and now let’s talk in more detail about each type of clothing suitable for school!

Youth fashion – Shirts and blousesYouth Fashion

Ideal for a period, the last call, vacation, and for every day: a white shirt or blouse. The style can be any: tight, loose, shortened, elongated. Depending on the weather, the shirt can be sleeveless, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve. A good option is a shirt with rolled-up sleeves. You will have two options to use and consequently multiple options for images with only one thing!

Embroidery is an original attribute in recent years! The best thing is that this type of shirt can be worn by girls of different ages.

Also, the fashion version of 2020 is a striped shirt. It is better to choose the black and white version because it is not only fashionable but also stylish. And also, the vertical strip gets thinner!

Shirts can be worn in different ways: by releasing them, tucking fully or partially into the pants, rolling up the sleeves, tucking the collar inward and creating a V-neckline, or buttoning to the last button and decorating a strict image with a brooch. below the neck.

Youth Fashion – Turtleneck Sweaters and JumpsuitsYouth Fashion

The fashionable jumpsuits can also be part of school clothes! They can be worn with pants, jeans, or a skirt, as a stand-alone blouse or with a jacket.

For school, it is best to choose a knitted long sleeve option. It can be a high neck jumpsuit with a semi-circular neckline. Black and white models with a little rib look great!

Avoid lace and see-through options with plunging necklines, crossovers, and predatory prints.

Sweaters and hoodiesYouth Fashion

If your school isn’t too picky, you can enjoy street style with a gray or black drawstring hoodie. Such a thing will look beautiful with a short flared pleated skirt made of dense fabric. White sneakers with high socks and a sports or urban backpack will complete the look!

For a school with more stringent requirements, it is better to choose an elongated sweater with a v-neck or neckline. A two or three-color thing will look good. For example, in combination: black, gray, white. An oversized sweater will be perfect with skinny pants or jeans in dark colors. Black moccasins or boots with a rough lace-up sole will complement the look.

Youth fashion – pants or dress, which is better?

The best option would be a dress. The dress at the beginning of the school year should be elegant and discreet. You don’t have to limit yourself to black. Dark blue or white can also be stylish. You can always dilute dark colors with something bright. A scarf, bag, or shoes. If you prefer sneakers to high heels, put them on. You must feel comfortable and elegant.

If you are not comfortable in dresses, there are also pants. Stylish black pants paired with a blouse will also look great. The shirt can be any color. Most importantly, it reflects the festive atmosphere. If the day is warmer, wear a lace trim blouse instead of a long-sleeved shirt.

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