The Nail Art Fever

It is the new fever of the famous and bloggers, and it seems that in summer comes striking stronger than ever, I do not get to convince me at all, although I have to recognize that when I see it I love it!!

The nail art is to paint your nails with different colors and designs, anything goes, even the stickers … that is, you do not have a steady hand to paint and fill it with stars, as you put some stickers as Laura Haden, who incidentally is an addict to this new art.

Those of Zoey Deschanel with bow tie in the Golden Globes circled the world, and is that the actress and singer is addicted to them, if you want to see her you have nothing else to follow her on Instagram … although notice … it is very heavy hanging pictures.

Have you guys already signed up for this fashion?The Nail Art FeverThe Nail Art FeverThe Nail Art FeverThe Nail Art Fever

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By HieuJa