No matter what your personal style, there’s an engagement ring cut to suit it. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular.

Round Cut. Round cut engagement rings have been the most popular diamond cut since the 1920’s. If you’re looking for a timeless quality in an engagement ring, this might be just what you’re after. Round cut rings are cut to maximize the sparkle of any diamond.

Princess Cut. The square elegance of a princess cut diamond has a few benefits. First of all, because of the methods used in cutting the diamond, it has a slightly lower pricetag per carat than a round cut. Also, the shape makes it ideal for a plethora of ring settings.

A Guide to Popular Engagement Ring Cuts

Cushion Cut. If you’re after romance, a cushion cut diamond may fit the bill. Its square shape with rounded corners is reminiscent of a pillow, hence the name. This cut of ring has been around for hundreds of years, so if you’re looking for a ring with a bit of vintage flair, a cushion cut might be for you.

Emerald Cut. Because an emerald cut has fewer cuts than many styles of ring, the wide, flat, rectangular surface of an emerald cut ring is perfect for showing of a diamond of great clarity. It’s a great choice for brides looking for a distinctive engagement ring.

Asscher Cut. This cut of diamond is known for the visible X within the diamond. It’s similar to an emerald cut, but can be found in square shapes as well as rectangular. If you’re looking for a solitaire ring to maximize a diamond’s clarity, this could be the right cut.

Marquise Cut. This elongated diamond with pointed ends is perfect for any bride who wants a true princess style. Because of its shape, it flatters the ring finger and has plenty of sparkle. It’s also a good choice for a bride who wants to make a diamond appear a bit larger than its actual size.

Pear Shaped. A pear-shaped diamond is a unique design with romantic flair. It combines a faceted, sparkling pattern with elegant curves. It’s an ideal choice for a diamond with good symmetry.

Radiant Cut. A radiant cut diamond is the only square or rectangular cut to have a completely brilliant faceted crown and pavilion, which gives this diamond plenty of sparkle. It can also have rounded corners for a softer, more romantic look.

Clearly, there’s a style suitable for every bride and every price point. Once you know the basics, it’s easy to narrow it down.