Tips To Make Your EnameL Last Longer

Many women find that doing nails at home is not a good option because they do not last as long when made in the lounge. But why does this happen? The lack of practice and lack of some basic rules can cause your enamel peeling easier. Thinking about it, parted a few tips to get your nails beautiful, even when you are out of time to go to manicure.It’s all about brights.

Tips To Make Your EnameL Last LongerThoroughly clean the nails

Once cut and sanded, wash your hands and nails with antibacterial soap. Use a nail brush to gently remove any residual oil or subject. Dry hands with a clean towel and wait a few minutes and pass a fine sandpaper to polish the surface of the nail.

Choose a base of quality

This is no time to save, we have many basic options in the market and invest in better quality can make all the difference.

Apply the polish in 3 strokes

Start painting a nail with a stroke at the center, then one another on one side and the other to cover the entire surface. Do not overdo the amount of enamel and avoid spending the brush often in the same place “to make the color get” the second product serves to coat just to even out the tone of the nails.

Finishing in style

No manicure is complete without a cover. Seal your enamel with a layer of extra shine using the same method of 3 strokes. Wait at least 5 minutes to apply drying oil or spray