How to Shop Intelligently Online
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With the sudden influx of ecommerce sites and a wide range of choices for us to shop online which promise to sell us celebrity inspired clothing and accessories for irresistible prices, life today for us has changed drastically. There is no need for long, dreary hours at the mall, trying on every piece of clothing and sizes that the store carries, to finally zero in on one, maybe two articles.

How to Shop Intelligently Online
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In the comfort of your own home, you can click, buy, click, buy and repeat to your heart’s content. A pretty pink frock that may or may not wash you out, add to cart. Maybe that bustier that you’ll never have a chance to wear, add to cart. And when you get ‘your package has been delivered’ text, you may or may not be disappointed.

How to Shop Online

The colour looks awful, or the dress may not clinch at all the right places or maybe it will fit you like a glove and you’ll be ready to paint the town red. So, to help you out, we have formulated a few swear-by rules so you’ll always find yourself in the latter situation.

Look for colours that complement your skin tone before logging on to an ecommerce site. Then, just filter your choices by colour, and voila, you’ll have more choices for yourself. Applies across the board for shoes, clothes, makeup, basically everything.

Before going on an online shopping spree, measure yourself properly, so you have an easy time looking at their sizing guides. Also research on cuts that look best on your body shape and flatter it. For example, pear shaped ladies should stay away from flared skirts and dresses.

Consider your options carefully. In terms of durability, usage, pocket pinch, and most importantly, if you will be able to wear it often. It’s a total drag if you have dresses hanging in your closet and nowhere to wear them. It’s better to invest in clothes you actually will wear.

Keep in mind, you’ll rarely look like the heroin chic models wearing the clothes, so be careful what you choose – utility over everything else, always.

Finally, choose the part of your body you think flatters you the most and buy clothes that highlight that part.

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