10 styles of shoes that are perfect for winter; not everything is reduced to boots and ankle boots

10 styles of shoes that are perfect for winter; not everything is reduced to boots and ankle boots
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Since the winter season starts, most girls dust off their boots and wear them as their daily styles of shoes, but what about women who are not fans of them? Although you can believe that winter shoes look boring and are reduced only to boots and booties, there are several options that besides being super comfortable, also look great with any garment.

If you still do not know what the main shoe trends are for this season, here are some shoe ideas that you can use during these cold months to keep your feet warm and of course, achieve a very chic style.

10 styles of shoes that are perfect for winter

  1. Thick heels

styles of shoes

They are the protagonists of this season, in addition to looking perfect with any garment, they are comfortable and the best thing is that you can combine them with socks to cover your feet from low temperatures. It is one of the best styles of shoes in not only this fall it always a style trend.

  1. Flatforms

styles of shoes

With oxford-type platforms, your feet will stay warm when temperatures drop, plus they will give you extra height and the comfort you need if you have to walk. Do not be afraid to use them with stockings or socks, because they look fantastic. This style of shoe goes with all the dress style of the fall.

  1. White tennis

styles of shoes

Tennis is the type of footwear that can be worn at any time of year and that goes well with any outfit. But if they are white you will have a plus because they highlight any garment.

  1. Spiky heels

styles of shoes

They are perfect for when you need to stylize your figure. Also combined with stockings or socks you will achieve an outfit worthy of a street style.

  1. Loafers

styles of shoes

If it ‘s comfort, shoe loafers from Gucci are perfect. They are an alternative to say goodbye to heels and tennis. Your model with a soft toy will keep your feet warm.

  1. Brogues

styles of shoes

This shoe model is perfect for elegant outfits.

  1. Cut-out shoes

styles of shoes

Although they look like boots, they are not. This shoe has been taken by street style goddesses and used in all kinds of looks.

  1. Moccasins

styles of shoes

They do not make you look masculine, so it’s time to adapt them to your look, we assure you that you will look beautiful and above all your feet will be comfortable and warm.

  1. Clogs

styles of shoes

This kind of closed sandals are quite comfortable – although it may not seem so – also your feet will be relatively covered.

  1. Slip-On

styles of shoes

These types of shoes are so comfortable, that anyone would love to cover their feet with them. Some of their models are very feminine and combine with any outfit, they can be used throughout the year.

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