When we get dressed, there is always an image we want to send out; even if this process is completely subconscious. A day in pyjamas and our favourite jumper will always be a day of rest, whereas that important meeting at work might be cause to dig your favourite killer heels out from your closet. In these times, it is imperative that you choose the right scent too. Here is why the perfume you wear could make or break the statement you are attempting to make with your fashion choices.

The Image

As said above, every outfit projects a certain image. We create these projections to give the world an indication of the way we want to be taken. If you are wearing a sharp business suit with a slick of red lipstick, you want to be taken seriously and you even want to possibly come across as slightly intimidating. A light, sweet floral scent is not the right choice for a fragrance with this combination. It would in face undermine it completely and leave people confused.

Here comes this powerful-looking woman who looks like she knows what she is doing, yet she smells like a flowery meadow. The two images do not correspond, and it can lead to some doubts about your style.

Management of the Situation

People like other people who smell nice, that is a fact. If you are needing a situation to swing in your way, the scent you choose could help you along. Just as people choose to wear their lucky pants, or take along their favourite bag for a confidence boost, the right perfume can serve as the medium you need to give yourself a little leg up.

The right perfume can also help you manage other people. Whether it is someone complimenting your scent, or a flirty remark from someone attracted to it, remember who responds positively and who responds negatively. It might help you gain the upper-footing in a crucial situation.

How to Get It Right

Even if you do not want to invest in multiple perfumes for different situations, you can still find the perfect middle ground. Shop around and buy now if you are searching for a signature scent that will take you to new heights. Do you want to be positive and bubbly? Consider something with notes of citrus. Dark and mysterious? A more musky, masculine scent might just be the thing for you.

You will most likely be instinctively drawn to a scent which matches your personality and your dress sense. Think carefully when buying to make sure you are not picking up something which sends out very mixed signals. You may be surprised how easy it is to narrow down your choices. You will then be left with a great selection to work through before you find exactly the right one.

Your perfect scent is waiting not just for you but waiting to match to your power outfit today. Start the hunt and get ready to step out with confidence!