3 Must Haves For Your First Hiking Trip

There are a lot of different activities people can participate in that will allow them to have fun and stay fit. Some people may opt to go to the gym or go on long runs, but there are many people who enjoy a good hike. Like most outdoor activities, you need to prepare yourself before you join in on the fun, so hiking is no different. This means that for your first hike, you will want to make sure you have purchased everything you need before you set out on your journey, whether that purchase is from Sierra Trading Post or some other store that specializes in outdoor gear.

3 Must Haves For Your First Hiking TripHere are three must have items for your first hiking trip.


Many people go on hikes when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. It would be wise to invest in a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, but to also keep yourself from becoming annoyed with the sun’s rays that are likely to prevent you from seeing where you are walking from time to time.


It is always smart to bring along a first aid kit, water, snacks and other survival items when you go hiking because you never know what might happen. A convenient way to carry these items would be in a book bag or small pack. Just fill up the back, throw it on your back and go.

Hooded Jacket

As you start your hike, the weather may be warm, but that can quickly change, so you will want to be prepared. Bring along a hooded jacket incase the warm weather turns cold and it starts to rain. This way, you can continue your hike without letting the weather affect you.

You don’t need to purchase every item associated with hiking, but you do want to ensure the items you choose to bring along are practical and beneficial to your trip. Hiking can be a fun activity if you are properly prepared. However, should you find that you forgot something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the trip is over. Remember that the goal is to have fun and get fit, so don’t let what you didn’t pack keep you from reaching your goals.