Fashion Hairstylist is usually Self-Employed

The fashion industry has always been mobile due to photo shoots, fashion expositions and seasonal shows by known designers. The duties of fashion hairstylists might take them to a movie set for duration of a film shooting or to a cover shoot for a magazine and then to ply their beauty trades for a high end extravagant wedding. Fashion hairstylist duties may include changing a model’s hair style several times in one photo shoot. Stylists can own their own salon but most of the fashion hairstylist’s work is performed at other locations throughout any given gig.

Fashion Hairstylist is usually Self-EmployedFlexibility Included in Training

Training institutions that groom fashion hairstylists usually are in the vicinity of the fashion industry show rooms and designers’ studios. Some of the top fashion designers have their own stable of fashion hairstylists from which they pick for particular events. The study for hair styling per se takes two years in a special school for hair styling that teaches individuality, creativity and how to perform wonders for guests in a television green room on a rainy day. Competitions are held annually between hair styling schools to showcase their talents and skills. The winning title is hotly coveted among salons in the industry, because their well known reputation is their money maker.

Fashion Hairstylist is usually Self-Employed

Income is Tied to Landing Big Shoots

The income of a free lance fashion hairstylist is not tied to one employer but instead to photo shoot calls from a model agency, magazine or film resource agency. Certain big names in the entertainment world also have a personal hair stylist who travels with the entertainer to keep the current hairstyles fresh and becoming. That type of endeavor can be exciting, taxing and frustrating, but no one ever told you hair styling for celebrities was easy.

Starting Out

Networking and experience are critical to succeed in this field, just as it is in any performance related career. Therefore, it is really vital that you establish a remarkable fashion hairstyling portfolio to increase your chances of getting lucrative job offers. Stay not only familiar but expert at current hair styles. You are always building your client base, because they are your paychecks.

Beginning in this industry is easier than working your way up, as you can become an established hairstylist’s intern or assistant at entry level pay and learn all the things vital to your trade that they can’t teach in salon schools. After you have paid your assistant hairstylist dues, you will need to watch for openings within established salons or free lance teams to begin climbing the ladder. Keep your portfolio active and attractive. The day will come when you are known and asked for specifically.