The Most Searched Dress Of The Season

If Sonia Rykiel’s campaign for H & M has not been very successful, a month later there are still low clothes, the expectation that has generated The Garden Collection seems to compensate for that little puncture.

Although for more than 15 days the colorful garments of this collection have been arriving with dropper to the shops, the most desired dress, and the word of honor with red roses, is being prayed. If I was given a euro for every time I have asked for it in the last two weeks I would have gone free! If at the end we get it will come with a whole story behind.

The Most Searched Dress Of The SeasonThe first clue we found was in a press release, it was about the end of March but that did not help much. Later we discovered that online sales, in the European countries that have it, started on the 18th . But nothing the dress did not go to the Spanish shops.

Amidst so much speculation several Spanish and international blogs began to show the dress exclusively. Le Petite Nymphea was one of the fortunate ones who lent it to us and put our long teeth together. In international blogs like After DRK   we were told how H & M set up an event for bloggers where they could take photos with the clothes on. Lucky!The Most Searched Dress Of The Season

The new date that is shuffled is the next 25th of March but we have done a bit of investigative journalism and the only thing we have achieved is getting dizzy.

I decided not to put the names of the stores with which I have spoken for not getting anyone in a mess, but a little serious when it comes to informing the customer would not be bad.

At the first H & M we visited we were bluntly told that they had not received the dress. Solution: “Come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday that is when they receive” and luck be with me …The Most Searched Dress Of The Season

Hours later I read in a forum, that the same manager has told another person “I have it in the warehouse but I cannot get it out.” So I was neither short nor lazy. I went to check the information and I showed up at the same H & M, and the same person told me that they did have it but they had explicit instructions from the central office not to sell one. This a few hours after she refused to see me, but as I am very polite, and I want the dress I left without question.The Most Searched Dress Of The Season

Another H & M and the same story “I have it but I cannot sell it to you”. I insist a little, I tell the story that there are people in other parts of Spain who say they already have, there are even photos, “they would have come because they are family or friends” and with those, I check my schedule and as I am not Cousin of no saleswoman I leave with empty hands.

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To this strategy of not specifying a date, to the style great designers, I see an advantage to him: do not go to give oneself cakes by getting the dress. But also a disadvantage: lately I see more dependents of H & M than my own mother!

I will continue to report if I discover something new! Bets are allowed. Will we get the dress?

By HieuJa