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Facebook, Tuenti, blogs and forums are already part of our life! And in some cases, we can no longer live without them … Who have not pronounced on a Saturday night the phrase “this photo for Facebook”? Or who does not visit forums in search of lost dresses or celebrity outfits? Who is free from sin, who throws the first stone.

Share On Facebook…And although we have been a quiet season, different companies have reacted and are turning their efforts to be there…

Share On Facebook…Zara already updates his lookbook monthly, when only a couple of seasons ago we had to wait almost to May to see his first images of spring, and also has page in Facebook to advance first fruits, H & M calls contests and parties through the most powerful social network , … Pull and Bear, Bershka, Stradivarius and many more are also!

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And the last to join has been Sfera … And he does it all because it is not only a page in which to see photos, but also that he has a personal shopper service, they look for lost clothes and they send it to the store That suits you!

Share On Facebook…Please note the email in which requests are made because you are sure to be well on occasion! It ended up taking the list of stores and put you to call one by one to find what you want, no more walks without results, no headaches … Ana Fernández Pardo has the solution!!! You can write to ana_fernandezpardo @ elcorteEnglish and will solve your doubts! On the Facebook page many have already found the garment they were looking for, they send it to their nearest store … Anyway! A world of facilities!!

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By HieuJa