Recommendations for Wearing Shorts in Summer

The summer season is the best time to wear light and fashionable clothes, your store to buy branded clothing online we show you a recommendation to wearing shorts in summer, especially for men. In this way, you can choose the perfect piece for your activities, whether or not related to your vacation. Keep reading and start following our fashion tips.

Recommendations for Wearing Shorts in Summer

Start of the history of shorts

The appearance of shorts or shorts in everyday life occurred in schools. The children took them at the beginning of the 20th century as a uniform. Then they were used by the military for their comfort, the boxers and tennis players who increased their popularity gradually.

In the 50s there was a boom, although some only used it to go to the beach. Nowadays it is an indispensable garment in a wardrobe of men’s clothing. Wearing shorts cannot have any length, it must reach at least mid-thigh for the short men and for the high ones near the knee.

They are usually used in relaxed environments such as on the beach, the mountain, a country trip, and an informal walk. There are several styles, boxers that use them as underwear, a track that is baggy and above the knee.

Recommendations for Wearing Shorts in Summer

Recommendations for wearing shorts this summer

In the look of the dress, shorts are taken as basic beige or cream and navy blue. But many also opt for the smooth model with bright colors or whites that combine with everything; as well as the prints that must be combined to make them look very good.

Although Bermuda in its conception is used for informal occasions. In recent times, personalities have been seen taking them into formal activities such as celebrity galas. However, it has not yet become an option for summer in the workplace. The dress codes have limited their arrival at the offices.

When using this type of pants try not to carry so many things in your pockets, the weight can cause it to deform.

If you have thin legs try to wear vertical designs, use block colors, smooth and without a pocket. More attached to the body. Light colors work for you, the more skin you see, the thinner you will look. Nor is the clothes very loose. Large pockets provide volume.

On the other hand, if you are thick-legged, lean towards dark colors, light fabrics, and no pockets. Never wear tall socks, prefer anklets and invisible socks for men.

Recommendations for Wearing Shorts in Summer

Combine fabrics and patterns well

The fashionable men’s shorts have fabrics that bring comfort and freshness to develop any summer activity. Therefore, fabrics such as linen, cotton, blue striped fabric, Scottish, seersucker, gabardine, polyester, among others are used.

Many fashion experts recommend avoiding denim and nylon like fabrics in wearing shorts. The denim looks very informal, but since everything that has to do with cowboy fabric has become fashionable, you can use them if you know how to combine them.

As for the patrons, if you are sober, lean toward coffee, beige, sand, gray, black, dark blue or military green. But classic prints such as paintings and stripes give a distinctive touch. The material and the cut are essential for you to look good in wearing shorts this summer.

The advantage of this garment is its versatility and diversity in fabrics and colors. They are combined with shirts and shirts. As well as jackets, sports shoes and urban. It can be carried at any time of the day. You can complete your outfit with a polo shirt, a three quarter sleeve shirt or long sleeve. Likewise, sacks and blazers are added on colder days.

The add-ons you can use

Among the accessories that combine this clothing are woven bracelets, military belt, leather bracelets, aviator lenses. In addition to watching with canvas bracelet, D-shaped belt, and sailor knot bracelet. The idea is that you know how to combine the elements and complete a good look for this summer.

Recommendations for Wearing Shorts in Summer

The shoes are important

The shoes that are used with the shorts get more attention than if they were worn with long pants. Therefore, we must maintain balance. The type will determine if the attire is casual or formal

Combine short colorful with good loafers and a tight shirt will give you an ideal image for the summer season. The moccasins will help you to see you a little more formally.

Another type of footwear is also worn with wearing shorts such as nautical shoes, sneakers, espadrilles and sandals (for the beach or pool). Depending on what you choose you will have a formal, sporty or casual look.

Choose bright colors shorts that will have balance with suede shoes. The sandals are suitable if the colors are neutral, they will give a relaxed and calm appearance. Sailor-style shoes, canvas or tennis shoes and espadrilles will give an informal touch to your appearance.

While the boots are used if they are well combined. This way you will achieve a relaxed and urban look with outdoor boots and the right Bermuda shorts.

Recommendations for Wearing Shorts in Summer

Some recommended styles

  • In the range of summer shorts or Bermuda shorts is the classic one if you do not want to attract attention, they are tight and without details.
  • Another option is vintage jeans, which give a modern touch and combine with everything.
  • Meanwhile, the polyester ones are more informal. You can use them to go to the gym and to the beach. It is advisable to buy this garment take into account the height and physical build. A person of short stature should take them shorter.
  • The shorts navy, brown, dark green or olive green, black and beige are ideal to combine with all types of shirts. They look good with jersey.
  • The sailor style gives sobriety, is one of the most successful. They are complemented with moccasins or nautical shoes. For a more casual look, you can combine them with sports shoes.
  • Hawaiians, prints and bright colors can be left for the holidays. The military or safari type that has side and back pockets apply for excursions and outdoor work.

What you should avoid

It is important to understand that this garment of the male wardrobe looks good if it is accompanied by the appropriate accessories. When choosing, you have to take into account the silhouette of the person who will use the piece and the place where it will go.

  • If the shorts are very wide, your legs will look thinner. Avoid too many pleats, many pockets or too big.
  • Remember that the shorter ones should be one inch above the knee. The safest bet is in the middle of the knee, but if you prefer longer ones, let them only cover the knee.
  • Trousers that are too short, too wide and too long should be avoided. With the latter, you may seem outdated.

If you were given the guide to wearing Bermuda shorts this summer, you can share it with your contacts, if you need more information about this topic or another one, in particular, do not hesitate to write us. It is important to remember that it is a garment that can help you to make the high temperatures of this time of the year more bearable.

By Madani