One of the first high-profile musicians to wear a pair of Dr Marten boots was Pete Townshend of The Who. We’ve all heard of Dr Marten’s and they are undoubtedly one of the most iconic footwear symbols of the 20th century. From subculture to trusted workwear, the Dr Marten has seen a lot of action since its inception during the Second World War. Pete Townshend obviously loved his boots just like the rest of us have at some point growing up in the UK. What if he decided he loved them so much, he was going to open his own shoe shop? Here, we enter the world of ‘If The Who sold shoes’.

My Generation – Quite a few generations can claim Dr Marten’s as their own. Worn by punks, skinheads (in a rather negative period of their history), goths, emos, grunge, mods, rockers, hippies and almost every other generation of young people since the Second World War.

Amazing Journey – Once you’ve broken in your boots, you feel like walking for miles. The specially designed air cushion sole was trademark of Dr Marten long before other shoe manufacturers began doing something similar for comfort. The grip, support and comfort of these shoes or boots provides you with a kind of confidence to step out and take yourself on an amazing journey. 

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Early Morning Cold Taxi – You won’t want to be getting in a taxi or on a bus. Now you have a pair of reliable Dr Marten’s, you’ll want an excuse to walk everywhere!

Faith in Something Bigger – This is a brand you know you can trust. They have been in production in the UK since 1960 and have been the trusted footwear to police officers, soldiers, paramedics, nurses and other tough professions ever since. This is a brand that inspires confidence and top-quality footwear.

Had Enough – You will likely outgrow the colour or pattern before the boots even think about giving up the ghost. These things are tough, durable, hard-wearing and almost immortal – such is their build-quality. You can put these boots through almost anything and they will never let you down. To get  your hands on a pair of DR Martens Gloucester, visit

Glittering Girl – Dr Marten’s don’t just come in cherry red or black, there are all kinds of colours, patterns, designs and even materials. Whether you fancy a flowery pair, a patriotic Union Jack pair or some white, lace-trimmed bridal boots – there’s a colour, style and pattern for everyone.

The Punk and The Godfather – Dr Marten’s have the ability to cross boundaries of culture and time. They have appealed to so many different groups of people and continue to do so in a truly timeless way that not many other shoes can boast. Whether worn by a bobby on the beat, an accountant walking to the office, a punk rocker or indeed a mafia mobster – there’s a Dr Marten shoe to suit everyone.