Baby Dollar Dresses in Women’s Wardrobe

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women’s Wardrobe
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Femininity, innocent flirtatiousness and the charm of youth are the main features of the style called baby dollars or “doll”. The main element of the girl’s wardrobe dressing style was a sweet, short dress that reveals slender legs and arms and emphasizes a delicate girl figure, open but not decorated, without the slightest hint of vulgarity or erotica. For the first time, baby dress dresses appeared in America at the end of the 50s, after the release of the film “Doll”. The main character of the ribbon was dressed in an elegant short dressing gown and became the embodiment of cute innocence, triggering a real boom in the fashion industry. Let’s see what the baby dollar dress looks like, and what, how and who should wear it?

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women's Wardrobe

What does a “doll” dress look like?

For some time the image of an innocent, fragile young girl in a short dress lost its position, but in 2010 it again became a massive trend thanks to the collection of John Galliano, which consisted of girls’ mini bright and even acidic shades. Following the Galliano models, baby fashion models have released other fashion houses, and to this day this trend has not disappeared from the world’s catwalks. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

The main features of dresses in the style of baby dollars

  • bright, life-affirming and motley colors;
  • simple but feminine cut and loose fit;
  • flying, lightweight fabrics;
  • length to the knee or 20-30 centimeters taller;
  • loose or full skirt;
  • lack of decolletage;
  • gentle, girlish decor.

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women's Wardrobe

Colors and cut

Coloring baby dollar dresses can be any, with the exception of dark and gloomy tones. If the material has a dark background, it is necessarily diluted with a “cheerful” pattern: light flowers, peas, stripes, asterisks, and a checkered cell. The main palette is dominated by colors associated with young girls: pink, coral, lilac, mint, light emerald, turquoise, blue, sunny yellow, crimson, ultramarine. Shades can be both pastel and gentle, and saturated, but not flashy. Various small prints (floral, geometric, as in the photo below, bows, hearts, paisley, animals – cats, birds, butterflies) are relevant.

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women's Wardrobe

Among the styles are the following options:

  • simple A-line silhouette with open shoulders or sleeves-lanterns;
  • Fitted with a fluffy multi-layered or flared skirt;
  • high-waisted models.

Girls’ hands are usually open, or there are short sleeves, the neckline is small, V-shaped, in a boat or rounded, but not deep. Also relevant models on straps of different widths, but with a modest neckline.

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women's Wardrobe

Fabrics and decor

For tailoring doll dresses designers choose chiffon, tulle, satin, guipure, silk, and other light, translucent and airy fabrics. The skirt can be multi-layered, resembling a pack. Ruffles, transparent inserts, lace trim, ruffles, flounces on skirts, sleeves are used as decor. The bodice and hem of the skirt are often decorated with rhinestones, sequins, embroidery, beads, ribbons and even down. At the same time, any decor looks discreetly, girlishly tender and cute, as in the photo, fits in with the dress, not turning it into a carnival or stage outfit from a cabaret dancer.

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women's Wardrobe

Who is suitable and where to wear?

The question of whom and where to wear a baby-dollar dress worries many women. The choice of this delicate image has some restrictions on age, shape and other parameters. In particular, stylists do not recommend puppet-style women with curvaceous shapes. A light, short and fairly open dress will emphasize the already noticeable roundness, putting them in an unfavorable light. However, if you wish, even for a full girl you can find a suitable model, the main thing is that she was not too short and fit the figure freely. Pay attention to the dark and calm colors without large prints, without transparent bets and an abundance of decor. With ruffles and frills, you also need to be careful not to add extra volume.

Inappropriate look doll dresses on women aged, they should pay attention to the elongated monochrome models without decor and girly drawings. High waisted styles are in demand among young pregnant women. Such images look very gentle, touching and cute. Baby doll models are ideal for fragile and elegant girls and young women, both short and tall, slim ladies. It is appropriate to wear them in an informal setting: on dates, to meet friends, girlfriends, fun parties, summer walks. For an office with a strict dress code, and just for serious, responsible work, a flirtatious short dress obviously does not fit.

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women's Wardrobe

With what and how to wear a baby dollar dress?

This dress is in itself the brightest part of the image, so it does not need bright accents. In addition, the style of a baby dollar is a reflection of the maiden innocence, immediacy and easy coquetry, which should be emphasized with appropriate accessories, clothing items, hair, and make-up.


What can you wear a baby dress with, if it’s summer or warm spring? On a hot summer day, this outfit does not need any extras, but in the evening you can put on a light short jacket or jacket. It can be a product of cotton, satin, denim, the main thing is that its length reaches only the waist or slightly lower. For spring or autumn onions, choose classic leather jackets, leather jackets or cropped models. In winter, the baby-dollar dress is worn with a short fur coat, and for strong frosts, a long down jacket, a park or an elegant warm coat will do. An ideal pair for styles with a fluffy skirt is a coat of a similar cut.

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women's Wardrobe


In warm weather and indoors, the dress of baby dollar is recommended to be worn with elegant shoes with heels of any height, with sandals and ballet flats. Athletic or rough shoes will completely destroy the image, although today the combination of sneakers, gym shoes or shoes on a grooved sole with a light colored outfit is considered perfect. The color of the shoes can be any, only not dark and not gloomy. The answer to the question of what to wear a baby dollar dress will be light or bright ballet flats, open-toed sandals or heel sandals, with straps, rhinestones, sparkles or slippers on the hairpin to match the dress. The main rule – shoes should be elegant, not to weight the image. In the cold season, stylists are advised to wear elegant ankle boots or boots, neat boots with heels.

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women's Wardrobe


When it comes to what it is customary to wear a baby dollar dress, images of models with tiny handbags in their hands immediately appear in the imagination. It is better to stop the choice on a small clutch bag, a cross-body bag on a strap or a chain, a theatrical purse. In the summer, a charming straw hat is appropriate. If you want to emphasize the waistline, choose a narrow belt to match the shoe. The shade of accessories should match the main part of the wardrobe; it can be bright and contrast, with glitter, in the color “metallic”. Accessories should not “shout over” the dress, because it is the main element of the image. Jewelry should be worn in a neutral shade – gold, silver, steel, small sizes. These can be earrings and pendant, necklace, or several colored bracelets.

Baby Dollar Dresses in Women's Wardrobe

Hairstyle and make-up

Having decided on what to wear a baby dress, go to the final touches: hair and makeup products. You can dissolve your hair, braid it in braids, tie it into a tail, stab it with a beautiful hairpin with a flower, bow, and rhinestones. The main thing – no complicated styling, high kitshek. Perfectly look loose curls, curls, scattered over the shoulders, fastened with a rim with large or bright decor. A doll-style make-up should emphasize the eyes, giving them expressiveness with the help of mascara and small arrows. Lips should bring bright or delicate lipstick with glitter, but not very saturated tone. Prefer diluted berry, coral, pink, pastel, girlish shades, avoiding the dark and blood-red lipstick in the spirit of the vamp woman. If you are somewhat pale, a little blush will not hurt, at the same time, the complexion should look natural, and the make-up itself should create an impression of freshness, lightness and flourishing youth. Do not overdo it with cosmetics, because baby dol is a sweet, charming girl, not a doll. Good luck in creating a successful and delicate image!