Costume That Stylized

Will lead a healthy and balanced life to feel better is very important, for this reason, many people try to strive for a balanced diet, exercising etc.

Costume That StylizedBut still the desire to see us thinner, taller or slimmer always latent in our desires, for this reason we suggest a number of tips that will allow us to see much more stylish thanks to the shower.

FashionMost important of all is the fact of knowing well our physical characteristics to conceal defects locally and across enhance and highlight the qualities seeing much more attractive and safe

Overview For More Kilos Hide

To conceal fine defects is also important to properly buy clothes. Must buy clothes right size because if it is smaller tend to highlight packages and roundels exposing flaws and on the other hand, if the clothing is too wide or baggy always tends to add more volume and make the body look fatter.

Playing With Colors

To cover these extra pounds is useful to play with colors. For example, black is the most slimming color par excellence, but if what you want is to change color, you can always opt for dark colors like brown, green persimmons, garnets.

Another way to play with colors to be thinner is wearing with cool colors like blue, green, some violets, etc. These types of colors often hide well pounds while the warmer colors like the red, orange or yellow tend to put a little more.

Anyway, if you want to look cool with claritos or bright colors, a way to avoid their tendency to gain weight is combining them well. If both the top (shirt or jacket) and the bottom (skirt or pants) costume with the same color together, even if it is a clarito color, this combination will tend to stylize due to the feeling of longer than then causes the color, whereas if combined with different colors will always sense roundness.

In the prints have to be careful. If you use small prints, they tend to lose weight while large and bright prints often remarkably pleasing figure. If the clothes you like is with a large pattern, see that this pattern is on a dark background because in this way the optical effect produced would be solved.

The best patterns to reduce the figure and stylize are vertical stripes which can be very young or very elegant depending on how the combine. On the other hand, it is important to avoid horizontal stripes if you want to look slimmer because they tend to widen and shorten the height.

Style And Court Of Clothing

Regarding the type of clothing, so legs look longer and drawn, is very useful to use straight cut dresses that go to the knees or even a little below them. If this type of dress also combined with high heels, the figure rises considerably it is stylized and posture is improved.

Another way to hide the extra pounds is taking jeserys that fall below the hips and if it is accompanied with small pads, gives the feeling of a much narrower waist.

On the other hand you can also hide the waist outfitted a thin (but not tight) pants with long tunics which tend to elongate the figure and shake it.

It is important to choose clothes that leverage the areas to hide. If you want to hide the abdomen must forget the clothes that are too tight and tend to mark more, instead it is advisable to use a little more loose clothing that fall straight and vertically. If instead you want to reduce the effect of a thick or chunky thighs, it is advisable to opt for a type of skirt that floats over the sides instead of a tight miniskirt that enhances even more roundness.


Choosing the right underwear can also do much to improve the physical appearance and look more stylish. The thongs are a type of clothing very attractive but may be impractical, instead of these, it is better to use other types of lingerie that support more and hide a little tummy like panties-belt.

As holders, can be very useful type of holder that not much note and look more natural and steady lengthening the bust. Sometimes you have to try several types of bras to find one that feels good and is not too tight at the back marking curves.

Makeup And Accessories

To finish to complement your wardrobe and help make the figure look slimmer, they can wear earrings, necklaces, scarves or handkerchiefs to help draw attention to the face.

In terms of makeup and skin appearance, remember that dark colors tend to lose weight, therefore the brown and tanned skin also follow this trend.

Finally can be very helpful to avoid the gaze towards those areas not interested in drawing attention to the face so a good foundation that looks natural and highlight the eyes and mouth tends to be a very good solutio